Angela Aki – 愛の季節 (Ai no Kisetsu)

4 Sep

I was thinking today that this blog is a little bit K-popcentric… I rarely post about anything but K-pop… I think it needs to open up a bit! So! I’m posting about one of my favourite J-pop artists (arguably second behind Utada Hikaru). Angela Aki is awesome and not necessarily what you’d expect from the bright lights of Japan’s pop world. She’s like… Dido… but with bigger hair and glasses. Don’t let this put you off though! She writes beautiful songs and has an amazing voice. She recorded the Final Fantasy XII theme song. Anyways, I always witter too much about stuff. She’s finally back after being away for ages with a new song, Ai no Kisetsu (Seasons of Love). It’s the theme song for some J-dorama. I don’t watch J-doramas or animes or anything so I don’t really know about them. It’s beautiful, I love it ^_^ PV is very beautiful; I’m so thrilled she’s back!

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