alan – 久遠の河

25 Sep

So… if you’re interested in Chinese/Asian cinema, like me, you will no doubt have heard about the epic Chi Bi (or Red Cliff). It’s a 2 part, 4 hour long film based on the period of Chinese history known as the Three Kingdoms. It features some of China’s finest actors and actresses and is meant to be really epic. I guess it’s a bit like Gladiator or something. I love Chinese history, not just because I’m half-Chinese but it’s so amazingly interesting and had so many amazing wonders. A lot of the time the Eurocentric West fails to respect Chinese and Asian historic legacies, and instead treats them as mere curiousities of the Orient.

alan is a Chinese/Tibetan singer who focuses mainly on the J-pop scene. I’ve heard of her before, most likely because he name sounds so silly being a male English name, but I’ve never actually heard her sing before. When I found out she sang the theme songs for Chi Bi I just had to listen! I was pleasantly surprised. You can tell their theme songs, but still really good! Also, her single ranked number 3 on the Oricon Weekly chart, the highest place ever for a Chinese singer in Japan. I think this is great news and shows that Asian countries are starting to become more open and accepting.

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