T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep / 처음처럼 / Like The First Time MV Teaser & Whole Song

27 Nov

^_________________^ Can you tell how happy I am right now? <3ing T-ara's new music. They've released teasers for two MVs, both potential single releases and the fans will get to vote which will be the single they focus on. Bo Peep Bo Peep is pretty cute and catchy but 처음처럼 / Like The First Time is awesome! It's definitely my favourite new song of theirs. It's soooooo good! It reminds me a little bit of 4Minute though but that's not a bad thing. T-ara have totally debuted with a great first album and they really deserve people to notice them for their talents. I'm so proud of them and how far they've come! I really wish this album will be a success <3 hwaiting~

What single do you think will be the bigger success? I think 처음처럼 / Like The First Time will be.

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