Jolin Tsai – Immediate Effect (蔡依林 – 即時生效) Lyrics and Audio

21 Jun

Jiayou! Jolin is back! It seems like ages since Jolin has give us new music (it’s been about a year so not too long). I listened to her last album a lot whilst writing my dissertation for my final year at university. Listening to it whilst working hard in the library. I tend to listen to songs on repeat if I really like them which means certain songs are intrinsically linked to certain periods of my life and hearing that song again will always remind me of that time (Jolin from dissertation writing, Vanesssa Carlton whilst cycling in Germany during one summer and so on).

She returns with an unusual first single. Jolin is called the Taiwanese Britney Spears and if you watched Wu Niang or Agent J you can easily see why she has this monicker. However, she’s released a summery, melodic slice of C-pop, that wouldn’t be out of place on a drive to the beach. I’m so excited for the new album and the PV! I’m imagining a dance number with bright colours and the sun involved!

Check out the lyrics below, I’ll try to translate them and write them in pinyin so you can sing along soon!

Credit for Chinese character lyrics goes to: here.

蔡依林 – 即時生效

揭曉 應該是愛情在半路拋錨
還好 我們在兜過了許多彎角



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