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Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy – Music Bank 4th January 2013 Review

13 Jan

The Girls are back! Girls’ Generation have returned with their infectious new song, I Got a Boy. Taken from their hit new album of the same name, I Got a Boy hit the top spot across all the music charts and became an All Kill instantly.

It’s been a while since the band had released a new Korean song so there was much anticipation for their new track and they didn’t fail to impress! Girls’ Generation have always been one of my favourite bands. They are flawless! They always bring their A game for every performance and I can never fault them.

Style & Staging

SNSD - I Got a Boy - Music Bank

I’m really enjoying SNSD’s style for their I Got a Boy promotions. I love the bubblegum pop colours that they’re using. It’s also really nice to see them bring a bit more edginess to their fashion. They’ve been rocking some fierce chic outfits recently – especially for their Japanese releases – but I’m really enjoying this more urban look.

But, as always, the girls give a little bit more for any S♥NE! Flaunting their toned stomachs was sizzling! SNSD hwaiting!

SNSD - I Got a Boy Music Bank

Overall rating for Style & Staging – 5 / 5 stars.


Whoa, where to start! The choreography for I Got a Boy is fierce! I think they’ve really stepped up their dancing skills for this song. I love their routines – Gee, Oh!, Genie are some of my favourite songs. I even learnt some of the Gee dance routine.

But I Got a Boy is taking it to the next level. It’s not just the dance routine, but also the whole staging and story that they tell. I Got a Boy has been criticised by some because the song has so many different elements. Just like the song, the dance routine is also made up of different dance elements – some cute moves (<3 Seohyun's aegyo) but also fierce dance moves.

SNSD - I Got a Boy Music Bank

SNSD - I Got a Boy Music Bank

Overall rating for Choreography – 5 / 5 stars.


Girls’ Generation are popular for their many charms – they can dance, perform, are charismatic and with some members have some of the most powerful vocals in K-pop. Taeyeon, Seohyun and Tiffany are all widely praised for their strong vocals.

Whilst I Got a Boy is more of a dance song, we still get to hear some pretty impressive vocals from Taeyeon, she has such a strong voice!

SNSD - I Got a Boy Music Bank

SNSD - I Got a Boy

Overall rating for Vocals – 5 / 5 stars.

Overall Score

The Overall Score for Girls’ Generation’s I Got a Boy on Music Bank is… 5 / 5 stars!

Review Conclusion

Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy Comeback on Music Bank 4th January 2013 – reviewed by K-pop Peach on January 14th 2013.
Another flawless comeback from Girls’ Generation! Killer dance moves, powerful vocald and enough charisma to stop a bullet train – the girls cement their place as K-pop’s most likeable girl idol group.
Score – 5
/ 5 stars.

Girls’ Generation – Gee

11 Apr

So, I’ve loved J-pop and C-pop for a few years now, but there’s a certain kind of pop music that’s getting my feet tapping. No, not Icelandic pop music, K-pop (Korean)! Korea definitely has one of the coolest, trendiest [insert superlative here] cultures at the moment. Korean cinema is arguably the coolest and most innovative (along side, say… Spanish cinema).

Not merely a country with awesome films (Lady Vengeance being one of my favourite movies of all time), it also has pretty awesome pop music. This isn’t necessarily music that is new, progressive or slick. It’s pop music at it’s cutest bubbliness! What could be more cute than 9 Korean girls bouncing around and singing ‘Gee gee gee gee gee gee’ over the place? It’s awesome~

平 和 愛