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Goodbye Happiness PV – Utada Hikaru

8 Nov

Hikkichan has released the music video for Goodbye Happiness! :O It’s… rather different from her other videos but totally made with love for her fans! There’s references to other music videos in there – can you spot them? It’s actually quite hilarious. I wondered what it would be like… When I listen to the song, I often think it is a bit sad, but the music video is completely different and is actually very upbeat and happy. It’s really cute to see Hikki dancing and smiling. I think this hiatus has lifted a lot of pressure from herself and I also think she enjoyed the US/UK tour as it was a lot different to the shows she gets to play in Japan. Furthermore, she has recently signed a new contract with EMI to release her music internationally and is no longer signed to Island. This will probably seem like a big break for her. I wish her all the happiness during her break but can’t wait for when she comes back!

Utada Hikaru – Goodbye Happiness

2 Nov

Utada Hikaru is back! I know I’m a bit late with the updates and all (she’s taking a sabatical and releasing a best of album complete with some new songs). Her latest promo single is Goodbye Happiness and I think it is awesome. I loved it from the first time I heard the preview and can’t wait to have the album!