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Namie Amuro – Fast Car & The Meaning of Us MV ~ PAST < FUTURE

1 Dec

Namie Amuro is back with some MVs for Fast Car and The Meaning of Us from her 9th studio album, PAST <3 FUTURE. Fast Car is a pretty slick pop dance song that reminds me of her work from PLAY; all dancey but not overly r and b. The Meaning of Us sees Namie on winter ballad mode and she delivers really nice vocals. The song has a very simple structure and production which highlights Namie's singing. I think sometimes Namie can be forgotten for being able to sing because she releases so many upbeat songs, but when she sings a ballad it's beautiful. Her song Wishing On The Same Star is one of my favourite Namie songs.

Namie looks amazing in both MVs!!! I've never seen her look so beautiful, she gets more beautiful with every year that goes by. Fast Car continues her dominance of dance/hip-hop dance routines, this time with a fan as a prop! I've always liked Namie's dancing, it's not trashy or over the top or too hip-hop, although she is the self-titled queen of hip-pop. Namie seems to be loving the gothic lolita style and can be seen wearing lots of Victorian and French 19th century clothes. Although, I have to admit, there is quite a big similiarity between this MV and BoA's Do The Motion… I prefer BoA <3 The Meaning of Us sees Namie looking very simple, yet really pretty. She looks so beautiful whilst not trying hard – it's something I've not seen before from her. I'm really pleasantly surprised by how cute she looks. Normally she looks a bit vampish or disco for her MVs, but here she looks really pretty.

Namie Amuro – My Love & Copy That / PAST < FUTURE Album Cover

1 Dec

Namie Amuro is back! Yep, she’s finally back with a full album, entitled PAST < FUTURE. It has Wild/Dr. and new songs My Love & Copy That which are being used as the new Vidal Sasson CMs. The new songs sound pretty cool so far. I like My Love more than Copy That. Sadly, neither of these songs are getting an MV but she is releasing MVs for other songs to be used for promotion of the album which I'm really looking forward to :D I've always liked Namie, she's like a less hardcore Koda Kumi, or a more edgier Ayumi Hamasaki. She's not my favourite, but she makes pretty cool pop songs.