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Girls’ Generation – GALAXY SUPERNOVA Music Video Gallery

19 Sep

Check out our gallery of Girls’ Generation’s GALAXY SUPERNOVA PV!

Girls’ Generation – GALAXY SUPERNOVA PV Review

15 Sep


The Girls are back and bringing it from out of this world! Girls’ Generation have returned with an absolute belter of a J-pop tune that is going to be released on the 18th September 2013. Co-written by Junji Ishiwatari, who has previously worked with Superfly, alan, FT Island and SHINee, the song has an addictive chorus that’ll have you hooked from the first opening bars.

And while I could wax lyrical all day about how much I love the song, tonight I’m going to be reviewing the promotional video/music video for Galaxy Supernova. And I think the PV is an awesome accompaniment to the song.

SNSD - Galaxy Supernova PV Review

Nope, this isn't a remake of Gee!

Nope, this isn’t a remake of Gee!

The PV begins by referencing Girls’ Generation smash-hit, Gee where the band was decked out in jeans and white t-shirts. It quickly cuts to one of the style concepts – think a Gap advert meets 70s sci-fi and you’ll come close. The whole music video is set against an LED screen back drop which is very reminiscent to Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body.

It’s bright, flashy and in your face from the very start. All of the girls look flawless and the second outfit that they rock takes the retro sci-fi theme further and sees the group channel their best Betty Jetson looks.

SNSD - Galaxy Supernova PV Review

SNSD - Galaxy Supernova PV Review

Flawless! The dance moves are on point. While the choreography looks deceptively simple, you can tell that it’s hard. The other thing is, of course, they never miss a beat. For me, SNSD (and any other SM Town artist), are absolute professionals. They don’t make mistakes. Ever. Not even a hair is out of place in this video!

Sooyoung – A star is born

The stand out performer in this music video is Sooyoung. She’s owning every frame like Angelina Jolie at the Oscars. Someone else taking centre stage? No worries! I’ll still steal the scene. Sunny giving her cutest aegyo? I will out fierce her and her new long hair. I am living for Sooyoung in this music video! Here are some of my favourite Sooyoung moments!

Everyone else is like, no no, look away - Sooyoung is staring you down.

Everyone else is like, no no, look away – Sooyoung is staring you down.



Aegyo? Pft. I amout fiercing Sunny with my right arm.

Aegyo? Pft. I amout fiercing Sunny with my right arm.

Yes, bitches. Number 1.

Yes, bitches. Number 1.

Eat it.

Eat it.

Fierce! Sooyoung isn’t even my favourite member of Girls’ Generation but I have to admit that she is owning this music video like it was the juicest piece of bulgogi ever! I wave my white flag to you, Sooyoung, I wave it hard. (oT-T)尸

Highlights from the GALAXY SUPERNOVA music video

But that’s not to say that there aren’t also many other highlights. One of them is the crazy around the world dancing and the kicking parts. It’s generally awesome all round. But, for individual scene stealers, I present to you Jessica, Taeyon and Yuri.

Pew pew.

Pew pew.

Winking and pointing - too cute! ^^

Winking and pointing – too cute! ^^



Do you think Yuri could be a hand model if she ever quits SNSD?

Do you think Yuri could be a hand model if she ever quits SNSD?

Overall, I’m going to say this is an awesome PV from the girls – one of their best! They music videos are never crazy but with their styling, choreography, natural charm and absolute flawless delivery I can’t fault them. This is going right up there as one of my favourite SNSD songs so I salute you, galactic Girls’ Generation! Live long and prosper.

Girls’ Generation – GALAXY SUPERNOVA PV – reviewed by K-pop Peach on September 15th 2013.
Sooyoung steals the show in Girls’ Generation out of this world new promotional music video for their brand new Japanese song, GALAXY SUPERNOVA
Score – 5
/ 5 stars.

Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy English Romanised Lyrics

1 Jan

Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy Romanised Lyrics

Ayo! GG! Yeah, yeah shijakhae bolkka?
Eomeo! Yae jom bwara yae, museun ili isseotkillae meoril jallatdae?
Eung? Eomeo! Tto yae jom borago!
Meoributeo balkkeutkkaji seutayili bakkwiiyeosseo wae keuraetdae?
Kunggeumhae jukkenne wae keuraetdae?
Marhae bwabwa jom

Haha! Let me introduce myself!
Here comes trouble! Ttara hae!
O-oo ye-o. Oo ye-o neo jalnasseo jeongmal!

Jiga mwonde? Eutkyeo.
Neomu kotdae sen geo ani?
Nabogo pyeongbeomhadanda yae
Geu namja wanjeon mame deureonna bwa!
Maldo andwae! Maldo andwae!

Neomu yeppeojigo sekshihae jyeosseo keu namja ttaemuniji?
Mureobol ppeon haetdanikka? Neo bakkun hwajangppumi mwonji

Sashil na, cheoeum bwasseo
Sangcheo ibeun yasu gateun gipeun nun
Yaegiman haedo eojil haetdanikka?
Neo jalnasseo jeongmal!
Jalnasseo jeongmal!

O-oo ye-o. Oo ye-o neo jalnatda jeongmal!
O-oo ye-o. Oo ye-o neo jalnasseo jeongmal!

Ayo! Stop! Let me put it down another way.

I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, handsome boy nae mam da kajyeogan
I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, awesome boy wanjeon banhaenna bwa

A nae wangjanim! Eonje i momeul kuhareo wa jushil tenkayo?
Hayan kkumcheoreom nal pume ana ollyeo naraga jushiketjyo?

Na, kkamchak! Menbungiya! Keu sarameun nae min nachi kunggeumhadae.
Wanjeon mame deureo mot igin cheok boyeojwodo kwaenchanheulkka?
Ou! Jeoldaero andweji! Keuchi? Keuchi?
Uri, jigil keon jigija! Matji! Matji!
Keuye mameul modu kajil ttaekkaji
ikeon jeoldaero ijeobeoriji mallago!

O-oo ye-o. Oo ye-o bameul saedo mojara da da
O-oo ye-o. Oo ye-o uri chweko kwanshimsa da da

Nae mal deureobwa keu ai neone alji?
Jom eorijiman sogeun kkwak chasseo
Eotteol ttaen oppacheoreom deumjikhajiman
Aekyoreul buril ttaen neomu yeppeo jukkesseo

O-oo ye-o. Oo ye-o neo michyeosseo, michyeosseo
O-oo ye-o. Oo ye-o neo michyeosseo, michyeosseo

Nan jeongmal hwaka na jukkesseo nae namjan nal yeojaro anboneun geol
Makyeonhal ttaen eotteokhamyeon naega chokenni?
Jilturado nage haebolkka? Soksanghae! Eotteokhae! Na?
Maldo an dwae! Maldo an dwae!

Don’t stop! Lets bring it back to 1:40

I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, handsome boy nae mam da kajyeogan
I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, awesome boy wanjeon banhaenna bwa

Eonjena nae gyeoten
Naepyeoni dwaejugo kwi
Giulyeojuneun neo neo
Nan idaero chigeum haengbokhae
Jal twel keonikka

I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, handsome boy nae mam da kajyeogan
I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, awesome boy wanjeon banhaenna bwa

I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, handsome boy nae mam da kajyeogan
I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, awesome boy wanjeon banhaenna bwa

I got a boy meotjin!

K-pop 2011 Review – Top K-pop Songs of 2011!

10 Jan

I know I haven’t posted in what seems like forever… I’m so busy with work that I don’t have too much time to devote to the blog anymore but I still love it! And love you for taking the time read it.

So I know I’m out by a couple of days but I wanted to quickly recap my favourite Korean songs of 2011. This year there has been some fantastic comebacks, some brilliant debuts and all kinds of amazing music. I definitely think 2011 was a vintage year for K-pop. My personal highlight has been the resurgence of the girl idol groups and, what I’ll refer to it as, the Winter Battle of the Girl Groups (narf!).

So, without further ado – here are my favourite songs from 2011 (in a rough kind of order).

T-ara – Roly Poly

For those that read this blog, you will know that T-ara are my favourite band. I’m a little sad that they don’t seem to have such a big fan base outside of Korea. The girls came back stronger than ever in 2011 with the release of their smash-hit, Roly Poly. Featuring a retro concept and disco beats – the song captured number one on many charts and has even become one of the biggest hits of the year.

The Roly Poly MV also marked the first in the lineof 10 minute+ MVs from the girls. The song was so popular that they’ve made a musical based around it! Their remix version, Roly Poly in Copacabana also proved to be hit. To date, Roly Poly is my third most played song of all time (behind Utada Hikaru’s Show Me Love and Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain; in fact if you combine plays with the remix it is my most listened to song).

Wonder Girls – Be My Baby

In the midst of the girl group comebacks, Wonder Girls returned with a hot new hit, Be My Baby. Featuring an MV similar to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, catchy choreography and a funky melody you’d think they were destined to hit the top spot, right? But there doubts. I had such doubts!

The girls had been away for what seemed like ages. Yes, they came back with 2 Different Tears in 2010 but it has been a couple of years since Nobody – their last fully promoted single in Korea. 2 years in pop music can be a lifetime. So many new groups had debuted in that time, and with the Girls away in America working on cracking the USA, some thought they might not do so well.

However, these fears were soon put to rest as they debuted on Korean music shows and started winning awards and much love from fans. I love the Wonder Girls – they are my joint second favourite group after T-ara.

Girls’ Generation – The Boys

Girls’ Generation cemented their place as the dominate girl group with the release of The Boys, their first international single (complete with a full English version). Whilst the song didn’t have as much impact on international charts it was a massive hit in Korea and continues to chart well.

KARA – Step

After setting the Oricon charts alight with their Japanese promotions, all eyes were on KARA as they made their Korean comeback. I love KARA – I love that they have a very distinct sound, I describe it as having a driving beat – their songs are easily identifiable with the strong percussion and focus on rousing choruses. I love them! In fact, Step, Mister and Honey are all some of my favourite songs.

2011 may have seen their Japanese promotions skyrocket but their Korean career looked like it may collapse at any minute. The beginning of the year saw much of the band embroiled in a heated contract controversy that saw a large backlash against the band.

However, the girls returned with much fanfare and their single, Step, went on to be a huge hit and one of my favourite songs of the year.

Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

A late entry from Hyuna (4Minute) and Hyunseung (BEAST) – label mates of Cube Entertainment. Joining together to create one of the catchiest singles of 2011!

SNSD Hoot Inkigayo Win!

7 Nov

SNSD continue to shoot down the competition with their infectious new song, Hoot. Inkigayo has always been my favourite music show – I tend to think of it as the most prestigious as well so whenever an act wins an Inkigayo Mutizen I’m like whoa! Congratulations! Check out SNSD’s winning performance:

SNSD Hoot Music Bank Win

6 Nov

SNSD continue their promotions of their third mini-album, Hoot, with a win on Music Bank’s K-chart. The battle was closely fought with a lot of hot competition from bands like 2PM and 2AM but the most popular girl group in Asia continue to dominate with their come back! Can these girls do anything wrong? Seohyun is especially pretty ^_^ <3

SNSD – Hoot Live on Inkigayo

31 Oct

SNSD are back with their third mini-album, Hoot! they have a really cool concept for the album – all 70s crime television shows with Charlie’s Angels inspired fashion! The song has taken a little while to grow on me but I really like it! Check out their performance on Inkigayo. Everyone is already talking about the ‘Robin Hood’ dance and it’s bound to definitely inspire loads of fan cams!

SNSD – Gee Japanese MV Teaser

1 Oct

Everyone’s favourite K-pop girl group have recently launched in Japan to much acclaim and attention. They’re releasing their next single, a Japanese version of Gee, soon! Check out the MV teaser below! I <3 SNSD and hope the Japanese fans will love this song too!

K-pop Workout Playlist!

14 Jul

So, I’ve not actually started my new exercise regime just yet but it’s definitely in the pipeline. I was meant to start last week but I caught a virus and was at home resting for two days. It was not pretty. Since then, I’ve not really had the time to start but I did wear my new trainers for the first time on Saturday – they gave me a blister! I was not impressed! These teething problems are to be expected though.

I’m approaching this exercise stuff from an easy going point of view – I want to do it for fun, not as a complete lifestyle change. I like carbs far too much to give them up (especially cake, I can’t imagine a life without cake; sometimes I’ll just have cake for dinner). Part of my relaxed approach is to have a fun workout playlist to listen to. I spent some time the other day creating what I think will be the perfect playlist – and it’s all K-pop songs! Hurrah!

K-pop Workout Playlist:

1. SNSD – Run Devil Run*
2. T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You
3. Park Bom – You and I
4. Chae Yeon – Shake
5. SNSD – Girls’ Generation
6. T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep
7. Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears (Korean Version)
8. Sandara – Kiss
9. SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
10. IVY – Touch Me
11. T-ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2
12. SNSD – Gee

* = power song

I think it’s a pretty good playlist for working out. It’s got a lot of fast paced songs with lots of thumping, hard beats to really encourage you to push that bit further! A couple of songs are a bit slower, but they have really strong choruses. Like Park Bom’s You & I is a slower, mid-tempo ballad but all the emotion is going to spurn me on! The power song, SNSD’s Run Devil Run, is the song I’m going to listen to to give me a bit of a boost! At the moment it’s first to place but we’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully I’ll get to go on a run soon and this playlist will help me concentrate and focus. Jia you!


I know I’ve not actually posted this post yet but I have gone on a run! I’ve gone on two with varying degrees of success. I’m not try to run too hard and stress myself out or injure myself so when I run I take a lot of breaks and walk a lot too. The first one I ran with my friend who runs often and is very health conscious and he gave me lots of tips. The second run was hampered by my agonising hay fever which meant I couldn’t breathe properly and everyone knows breathing properly is crucial when doing exercise. However, the playlist worked really well! I did have to chuckle to myself though – Run Devil Run whilst running? The irony is not lost on me. I’ve not yet had a chance to run again but I might try to go tonight! Jia you! Cheer me on ;_; It’s far too much hardwork!

SNSD – Special Stage Live on K-Chart Mid-Year Win

27 Jun

SNSD rocketed to victory on K-Chart’s Mid-Year special show. They performed a special stage featuring their hit song, Oh! I’m a big fan of SoShi, but I think Oh! has been their weakest single. Anyway, the girls are ever the professionals and deliver a pretty amazing stage. The win was marred by controversy though when SNSD’s leader, Taeyeon, complained about the show. Apparently her rehearsal was effected by technical glitches but the producers did not allow her to rehearse again. But check out the live stage below! Congratulations to the girls, they really deserver it ^_^