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Candie Payne – One More Chance

1 Mar

During a recent bout of insomnia I was watching a music channel. I can’t remember what the theme was or why they played this singer but I was hooked! Her name is Candie Payne, she released her album, I Wish I Could Have Loved You More, in 2007, but it seemed to go unnoticed. I can’t find it in any shops and news from her is scarce. However, I was taken aback by this jem.

The single version was produced by Mark Ronson and echoes the beautiful motown sound of the 60s. Whilst nothing can compare to The Ronette’s By My Baby, this song does remind me of it. Payne sings longingly for her love to give her ‘one more chance’. It’s very beautiful. Her album, which I downloaded from iTunes, is full of forlorn love songs and heart ache, is also a sweet find. However, nothing quite matches the pop enjoyment of One More Chance.

Check the video!

平 和 愛

Utada – Come Back To Me

1 Mar

Utada - Come Back To Me

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Utada Hikaru more than life itself. I have a poster of her on my bedroom wall, she is the true reason why I want to learn Nihongo. I love everything about her! She can do no wrong! She’s back in the Anglophone world this year with a new release with Island Def Jam. Her first single, Come Back To Me, is very Mariah-esque. It’s produced by Stargate, who’ve made a million uber hot tunes. This is very commercial for Utada, but I wish her all the luck with it!

The video just got released a couple of days ago. It’s exquisite, Utada is looking gorgeous. I prefer her with longer hair, but she looks elogent and beautiful and like the Hollywood starlets of the past.

Click the link to watch!

Utada – Come Back To Me MV

平 和 愛