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HyunA – Change @ Music Bank

15 Jan

HyunA continues promotions of her first solo singl, Change, on Music Bank. I wonder if she regrets leaving Wonder Girls (not that she had a choice). She’d be making such different music now; instead of edgy pop music, she’d be making 60s inspired tweenish pop music. Quite a big difference don’t you think? I guess maybe she’s happier performing the edgier stuff. I think she looks really like Jolin Tsai here though.

HyunA – Change MV

14 Jan

HyunA is everyone’s favourite ex-Wonder Girl, 4Muzik rookie (or are 4Muzik no longer rookies?) solo star who is rocking on up the charts with her debut single, Change. Complete with a rather salacious dance routine, HyunA’s performances have got everyone in a tizzy. The MV is also pretty raunchy and certain broadcasters are putting age restrictions up on it. This annoys me though… because there are some performers who do not have such provocative dance routines but their MVs get banned for other reasons. I think a dance routine can be far more revealing than a short skirt. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool MV.

HyunA – Change @ Inkigayo

11 Jan

Sorry for not updating my blog more frequently recently, I’ve been really unwell. But I’m finally feeling better and not spending all day in bed so I’m back~! I’ve missed out on a lot though :( Anyways! Let’s get back into things with HyunA! 4Minute are not my favourite band but I like them for the electro-disco inspired music that has something a little more unique than most other groups in the K-pop industry at the moment.

HyunA is breaking out solo with her first single, Change. It’s pretty cool, exactly what I would expect from a 4Minute member, the dance is pretty awesome and funny though~