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T-ara – Number 9 Gallery

13 Oct

After a long time away, the girls from T-ara are back with their smash hit new song, Number 9! The girls have returned with another fantastic pop song that will find its way into your head and it’ll stay there for ages! You’ll be singing Number 9 all day :)

The MV looks awesome too! The girls have really stepped it up and returned with a mature image – very different from Sexy Love. Each of the girls look fierce and bring it in their own way. Big shout outs go to Qri for eating a flower(!) and for Boram for being cute and tiny yet fierce and fighting. Have you listened to the song yet? Do you like it?

Soyeon (T-ara) – What Should We Finish? Live on Inkigayo

7 Jul

Soyeon unni continues her solo promotions for the Death Bell 2 OST song, What Should We Finish. For the past couple of performances she was joined on stage by bandmate and star of Death Bell 2, Jiyeon (Jiyeon is so talented!) but she returns to performing it by herself for Inkiayo’s performance. I thought she did amazingly well! Her singing here is great compared to the other performances and they were pretty awesome to begin with! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all the idols seem to bring their A game when they perform on Inkigayo!

Soyeon (T-ara) – What Should We Finish? Live on Inkigayo

27 Jun

Oh Soyeon, how I love thee. My favourite member of T-ara continues to perform her solo OST for the much anticipated horror sequeal, Death Bell 2. Soyeon is definitely my favourite member of T-ara and also my favourite Korean singer. She has had such an interesting journey in the K-pop entertainment industry. From ex-SNSD trainee to T-ara lead vocalist and now to solo singer. Soyeon has always been my favourite from T-ara and ever since their debut, I’ve followed their career with feverent fanaticism. I think it’s being British, and that we like an underdog who works hard to achieve. T-ara had to struggle a long time to achieve popularity. And now Soyeon is hopefully getting recognition for her amazing vocal skills and talent. She has an amazing voice and I’m glad she’s getting to perform on live stages by herself. Not that I dislike the other members of T-ara, Eunjung and Hyomin are my other favourites, but Soyeon is <3

Soyeon (T-ara) – What Should We Finish? (Death Bell 2 OST) Live on M! Countdown

24 Jun

My favourite T-ara member, and thus, favourite Korean singer, Soyeon performed on M! Countdown solo! I didn’t even know she was releasing a song solo! She’s not technically because it is part of the OST for Death Bell 2 but who knows! It’s the lead single which is great for Soyeon! When T-ara hit it big with TTL and TTL (Listen 2), she was the lead vocalist. But when they released their debut album and the re-release I was very disappointed because Soyeon didn’t have such a big role in the songs. Obviously all members of a band have to sing but I thought it was disappointing because Soyeon has such an amazing voice.

Thus! I am thrilled that she is having a song all to her own and people can see just how talented she is. I think some people don’t like her because she quit SNSD, because she seems very mature at times and serious (compared to Eunjung who is very plafyul) but Soyeon is awesome! I definitely think she is one of the best singers in K-pop at the moment. Soyeon hwaiting~!