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Goodbye Happiness PV – Utada Hikaru

8 Nov

Hikkichan has released the music video for Goodbye Happiness! :O It’s… rather different from her other videos but totally made with love for her fans! There’s references to other music videos in there – can you spot them? It’s actually quite hilarious. I wondered what it would be like… When I listen to the song, I often think it is a bit sad, but the music video is completely different and is actually very upbeat and happy. It’s really cute to see Hikki dancing and smiling. I think this hiatus has lifted a lot of pressure from herself and I also think she enjoyed the US/UK tour as it was a lot different to the shows she gets to play in Japan. Furthermore, she has recently signed a new contract with EMI to release her music internationally and is no longer signed to Island. This will probably seem like a big break for her. I wish her all the happiness during her break but can’t wait for when she comes back!

Goodbye Happiness Lyrics – Utada Hikaru (宇多田 ヒカル)

2 Nov

Credit goes to here. Beautiful lyrics right?

After the sweet candy has disappeared
A sad looking little boy
On a cloudless Summer Day

Sunburnt hands and feet
Careless if her white one piece gets dirty
An unconscious paradise

I waited after the dream, but nothing
Then one day, I learned of your name

So Goodbye Loneliness
Singing along to a love song
Reflected in your eyes, I’m laughing

So Goodbye Happiness
We can’t return to those times
When we were naive and energetic
But that’s okay
Love me

You can’t overthink it or get too desperate
Don’t fool yourself
It’s a tough world

When humans find themselves all alone
Is when they realize the meaning of love

These fading passing days
Let me hear a gentle song
Do you still remember, to this day
The way we felt around the time we met

So Goodbye Innocence
We can’t return to those times
When we were naive and energetic
It’s all your fault
Kiss me

Oh everything goes round and around
Oh Darling Darling I’m not going to move on to someone else
Only you

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just live the way we are?
At crucial moments, my other self blocks my way.

So Goodbye Happiness
I want to return to those times
When we were naive and energetic
Baby, just one more time
Kiss me

Utada Hikaru – Goodbye Happiness

2 Nov

Utada Hikaru is back! I know I’m a bit late with the updates and all (she’s taking a sabatical and releasing a best of album complete with some new songs). Her latest promo single is Goodbye Happiness and I think it is awesome. I loved it from the first time I heard the preview and can’t wait to have the album!

Utada – In The Flesh Live Preview

1 Feb

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ SWOON~ I have tickets to see Utada! I have tickets to see Utada!!! I don’t care if you hate me, nothing can bring me down from that! I can’t wait! She’s performing in my area of London too! Who knew? I’m gonna try and stalk her… I might just hang around afterwards hoping to meet her. I’d literally scream if I met her. When the tickets came in the post, I actually had a dream about her that night XD I was befriending her and showing her around the area. Taking her to artshops and stuff. I don’t think she’d appreciate my level of fanatacism, she seems too cool for that. As a wee celebration of her being awesome, here’s a video of her performing in America ^_^

Utada – In The Flesh Tour

16 Nov

By now, if you’re a fan of Utada Hikaru then you’ve definitely heard about her upcoming US & UK promo tour. I have no idea why she’s doing it, probably trying to raise publicity of her second album, This Is The One and rumoured second single, Dirty Desire. I am beyond amazed because she’s going to be perform one date in the UK and I’ve got tickets! I’m soooooooooooo happy I could cry. My wonderful boyfriend managed to get us tickets because sadly I was out of the country. All the tickets sold out in a few hours – I think people all over Europe are going (which I think is slightly unfair, but nevermind). I’m so amazed that she’s coming here! This has been one of my life’s dreams for so so long. I’ve been a fan of Utada for almost 10 years now – that’s half my life. I love her so so so much. She’s my favourite artist of all time, she sings my favourite song of all time and just argh! I just can’t quite believe it. Boyfriend laughed when he said I might cry when I see her, but I don’t care!

Utada Hikaru Pwns Tetris

27 Aug

This is another reason why I love Utada Hikaru <3

Utada – Come Back To Me

1 Mar

Utada - Come Back To Me

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Utada Hikaru more than life itself. I have a poster of her on my bedroom wall, she is the true reason why I want to learn Nihongo. I love everything about her! She can do no wrong! She’s back in the Anglophone world this year with a new release with Island Def Jam. Her first single, Come Back To Me, is very Mariah-esque. It’s produced by Stargate, who’ve made a million uber hot tunes. This is very commercial for Utada, but I wish her all the luck with it!

The video just got released a couple of days ago. It’s exquisite, Utada is looking gorgeous. I prefer her with longer hair, but she looks elogent and beautiful and like the Hollywood starlets of the past.

Click the link to watch!

Utada – Come Back To Me MV

平 和 愛