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Younha – I Broke Up Today @ Inkigayo

11 Jan

Younha is one of my K-pop stars. In fact, after BoA she is the second Korean artist I got into (mostly because I loved J-pop at the moment and she was making a few headwaves in the J-pop scene). Younha has an amazing voice, possibly my favourite after Soyeon’s, but she doesn’t always have hits. Recently she contracted swine flu, and has subsequently fainted twice! Younha! Go rest! You’re so poorly, you should rest lots <3

Younha – Today I Broke Up MV

11 Dec

The lovely Younha is back with a new k-pop song and haven’t we missed her? I can remember how busy she was when she first debuted in Korea after her Japanese success. The song is pretty nice, it’s a sweet winter ballad, that Younha is so deft at singing. She has an amazing voice and it’s obvious why Koreans love her and are so proud of her.

Younha – 好きなんだ (Sukinanda)

2 Nov

Younha is one of my favourite Asian pop-rock singers. It’s easy to forget that Asian countries like a bit of guitars too, what with all the super polished pop groups bouncing around on stage. Younha has a beautiful voice and writes really sweet songs that are just as catchy. She originally debuted in Japan with a hit before getting great acclaim in her native Korea. Now she’s finally back with another J-pop song, Sukinanda. I quite like it. She is definitely going for the sweet, cute vibe. It’s quite a summery song, so maybe a slower song would suit the time of year better, but I still like it.