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Super Junior – No Other MV

7 Jul

Everyone’s favourite boyband have finally released their MV for their new song, No Other. I have to admit I’m a pretty ardent fan of 2PM but I really like this song! I reminds me a lot of the kind of music that is popular in the UK at the moment so it’s pretty cool! It’s very summery, and easy-breezy and makes for a really good song to listen to whilst studying on a Sunday afternoon. The MV is pretty cool too:

SNSD & Super Junior – Seoul Song MV 2

15 Dec

Everyone loves a bit of SNSD and Super Junior! The two bands have been winning awards left right and centre as the year comes to a close. But they’re also joining together to perform a very special song; a song to promote Seoul and South Korea ^_^ I really like the song, and the MV is really cute ^_^ Check it out~

SNSD & Super Junior – Seoul Song MV

9 Dec

Ooo, new SNSD and Super Junior! As part of a promotional move from Korea’s Ministry of Culture, the two bands joined together to release a song all about South Korea’s capital, Seoul! Seoul is definitely a world city up there with Tokyo, Beijing, London, New York, Paris, Berlin and on and on. The song is really nice, I especially like the SNSD parts – it’s a cute song. It’s not exactly Christmasy, but I can see why it fits this time of year. The MV is really cute too – hehe, gotta love SNSD and Super Junior acting eh? Very excited :D ~S E O U L~

~ Please note, SM Entertainment keep taking down the videos for this, so I don’t know how long the link will work for. Apologies ^_^