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Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on M! Countdown

15 Apr

Lee Hyori continues her come back with an amazing live performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on M! Countdown! She reminds me a lot of Cheryl Cole in this performance – especially with the pants and vest top outfit. I really like the song, it’s so catchy ^_^ Check out her performance below:

Cheryl Cole & will.i.am – 3 Words MV

11 Jan

So, I know I’m late but just wanted to blog about Cheryl Cole’s latest song, 3 Words. It features will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas and well, the song isn’t amazing. In fact, I don’t think Cheryl Cole is amazing. She’s not my favourite Girls Aloud member but her solo effort has been enjoyable. The song is a thumping, pulsing electro pop song that to me, sounds much more sadder than Cole would ever be happy with. Anyways, the video is exquisite. It’s amazing. I’ve not seen such an intersting for ages. Forget Lady Gaga’s works, check it out. It’s simple but artistic and really highlights the loneliness I think this song is actually about.

Cheryl Cole – Boy Like You

4 Nov

I don’t normally post videos that don’t have proper videos (either PVs or stage performances) but this song has been in my head for a little while. Cheryl Cole has seemingly set the UK charts on fire with her solo debut. I won’t talk too much about it, because I’ll just start criticising her. I’ve not been overly impressed by the songs that I’ve heard (literally, go into any shop and you’ll hear her soon enough – sometimes the whole album just on repeat!) but one song that I quite like is Boy Like You. It samples the awesome Fleetwood Mac’s White Lies and features will.i.am as guest rapper/general mentor man. Cole’s offering is nowhere near as good as White Lies, let’s get that straight. But it’s made quite good because of the sample. I love 80s music like it’s going out of fashion (quite literally) so to hear this is quite cool. What do you think?

Cheryol Cole – Fight For This Love Video

21 Sep

So the video for Cheryl Cole’s debut single has been released. My impressions are that it’s very forgettable and Cheryl will never be believable as a genuine crumping, street dancer. The video is weird, it doesn’t seem to have a clear direction, but oh well, it’s nice to see her trying :)

Cheryl Cole – Fight for This Love

7 Sep

This weekend has been rather eventful for new music in the UK. Leona Lewis, Robbie Williams and now Cheryl Cole. Cheryl Cole is part of Girls Aloud (<3) and a judge on X Factor but is going solo and her debut solo single is called Fight for This Love. It actually premiered this morning and… I quite like it! Her voice doesn’t sound as weak as it does in Girls Aloud or on will.i.am’s Heartbreaker. The single is pretty catchy, it’s like a Girls Aloud’s song but also not. Chorus is really catchy. I doubt if it will get to number 1; it doesn’t feel like a number 1… but definitely top 3. Bring on Nadine though.