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Chae Yeon – Look Look Look @live on Inkigayo

26 Jul

Inkigayo is my favourite of the stage music shows so I was hotly anticipating Chae Yeon’s performance. She delivered! She gave her best performance yet, I think this was also helped by her very loud fans who cheered all the way through her performance! It must be really nice for CY nuna to know that she still has fans after such a long time in the industry and when many people prefer other singers or idol groups. CY hwaiting!

Chae Yeon – Look Look Look live on M! Countdown Comeback Stage!

22 Jul

Chae Yeon has a soft spot in my heart, she’s one of my favourite Korean singers. Her and BoA are my two favourite solo performers in K-pop (although I much prefer BoA’s J-pop work to her K-pop stuff, although I am excited about her new release in August). Chae Yeon unni is back with a fierce new song! It’s more… mainstream than Shake. Shake was cool, I love it. I love the dance but the melody might not have fitted that well with current K-pop trends. But Look Look Look is more mainstream and radio/television show friendly. She’s not released the MV yet but if the teaser is anything to go by, she’s going to get it banned again! I always find it quite strange how solo veterans act very very sexy (Hyori, Rain, IVY, Chae Yeon etc.) but the idol groups have a more subtle sexiness.

One thing that I love about Chae Yeon is that she’s not a very good dancer. She’s ever so stiff! But she still rocks it out! Check out her performance. I really like the song too, very catchy! Sadly the dance is less catchy, I think I’ll stick to the Shake dance~ ;)

K-pop Workout Playlist!

14 Jul

So, I’ve not actually started my new exercise regime just yet but it’s definitely in the pipeline. I was meant to start last week but I caught a virus and was at home resting for two days. It was not pretty. Since then, I’ve not really had the time to start but I did wear my new trainers for the first time on Saturday – they gave me a blister! I was not impressed! These teething problems are to be expected though.

I’m approaching this exercise stuff from an easy going point of view – I want to do it for fun, not as a complete lifestyle change. I like carbs far too much to give them up (especially cake, I can’t imagine a life without cake; sometimes I’ll just have cake for dinner). Part of my relaxed approach is to have a fun workout playlist to listen to. I spent some time the other day creating what I think will be the perfect playlist – and it’s all K-pop songs! Hurrah!

K-pop Workout Playlist:

1. SNSD – Run Devil Run*
2. T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You
3. Park Bom – You and I
4. Chae Yeon – Shake
5. SNSD – Girls’ Generation
6. T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep
7. Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears (Korean Version)
8. Sandara – Kiss
9. SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
10. IVY – Touch Me
11. T-ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2
12. SNSD – Gee

* = power song

I think it’s a pretty good playlist for working out. It’s got a lot of fast paced songs with lots of thumping, hard beats to really encourage you to push that bit further! A couple of songs are a bit slower, but they have really strong choruses. Like Park Bom’s You & I is a slower, mid-tempo ballad but all the emotion is going to spurn me on! The power song, SNSD’s Run Devil Run, is the song I’m going to listen to to give me a bit of a boost! At the moment it’s first to place but we’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully I’ll get to go on a run soon and this playlist will help me concentrate and focus. Jia you!


I know I’ve not actually posted this post yet but I have gone on a run! I’ve gone on two with varying degrees of success. I’m not try to run too hard and stress myself out or injure myself so when I run I take a lot of breaks and walk a lot too. The first one I ran with my friend who runs often and is very health conscious and he gave me lots of tips. The second run was hampered by my agonising hay fever which meant I couldn’t breathe properly and everyone knows breathing properly is crucial when doing exercise. However, the playlist worked really well! I did have to chuckle to myself though – Run Devil Run whilst running? The irony is not lost on me. I’ve not yet had a chance to run again but I might try to go tonight! Jia you! Cheer me on ;_; It’s far too much hardwork!

The peach 愛 End of Year Music Awards 2009 Part 1

18 Dec

So, I thought I’d post my own End of Year Music Award list ^_^ This is just my own opinions but I thought it’d be fun. So, without further ado~

Favourite Korean Artist

Winner – T-ara

T-ara are definitely my favourite k-pop artist at the moment. I like them over other favourites, SNSD, Wonder Girls, 2PM and so on. It’s for a few reasons. Firstly, Good Person (their unofficial debut) is a great song. It’s a great ballad that really showed the girls can sing. I think sometimes the k-pop world is all about great pop music and the concept, but they forget the singing. It’s clear to me that T-ara has members that can out sing many other members of bands. That brings me neatly on to Soyeon. I *love* Soyeon. She’s a fantastic singer and is amazingly beautiful. Plus, she’s an 87er and that’s the same as me! When I found out that she got dropped from SNSD because she was an 87er then I just loved her even more. She’s definitely my favourite~ Lastly, they have great songs. Good Person, Lies, TTL, TTL Listen 2, Apple is A, Like The First Time, Bo Peep Bo Peep, that’s 7 songs they’ve released and all of them are great and that’s not to mention their album. The girls aren’t afraid to change their concept and I think they work harder than any other band at the moment. I have so much respect for them. This is the year of T-ara~

Notable mentions – SNSD, Ivy, 2PM, Chae Yeon

Favourite Korean Song

Winner – SNSD – Gee

Gee is by far my most played song ever. It has probably 500+ hits (I’ve had to reformat my computer a couple of times). It’s so insanely catchy and the dance routine is hilariously good. I want to learn it ;_; I want to bust out some moves walking along the street. You know you have that song you listen to and suddenly you find yourself skipping down the street as if you’re 7 years old and it’s Summer? Gee does this to me :)

Notable mentions – T-ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2, Chae Yeon – Shake, 2PM – Heartbeat, Ivy – Touch Me

Stay tuned for my personal favourites from the J-pop world and the C-pop world; what are your favourite 2009 artists?

Chae Yeon – Shake (Fractal Remix) @ Dream Concert

12 Oct

So, before she finishing all of her Shake promotions, Chae Yeon is releasing a remix of her hit single Shake. To start off, she performed it live at Dream Concert 2009! It’s okay… a couple of years ago I’d glomp for this kind of stuff but my music taste has changed a little and I don’t like the hard thumping beats of techno music so much. However, I think it’s great to see Chae Yeon on such a big stage still working it and looking great – especially as she’s getting on a bit in the K-pop world. Also loving the fact that she seems to have grown up a little and seems comfortable with herself. Love Chae Yeon <3 And! More fireworks! I gotta get me to a K-pop concert if they all have fireworks!

Chae Yeon Says Adieu~!

4 Sep

Chae Yeon celebrated the end of promotions for her mini-album Shake by performing a special medley on Mnet’s M! Countdown. Chae Yeon seems to go by largely unnoticed in the K-pop music, or maybe she’s just a bit past it nowadays. Still, I love her! She’s one of my favourite Korean artists, just because she’s spunky yet cute and has the weirdest dance moves ever… Chae Yeon performed a medley of Fool (second single, mehish) and Shake (lead single, awesome!). Check it out ^_^

Chae Yeon – Shake

11 Aug

Now, I love Chae Yeon for being a sassy confident performer. Lord knows she isn’t the best singer or dancer but she has a lot of personality and seems friendly, but also a bitch. I bet she’d claw Hyori’s eyes out to be considered the sexiest Kpop star. That’s beside the point though; Chae Yeon recently came back with a mini-album (everyone in Korea is releasing mini-albums, why?) with her first song called Shake. Shake is pretty catchy but less dancey than her older songs. I wasn’t really blown away by her new stuff, it all sounds very similar and not that catchy. But! The best thing about her most recent work is her live performance dance routine. Oh my god, I will never get over it. It’s major epiq lols – especially if you use it as a victory dance. Check it out below~

平 和 愛