T-ara – Sexy Love – M! Countdown Smile Thailand 11th October 2012 Review

13 Oct

So, for the latest Live Stage review, we again look at T-ara’s performance! This time on M! Countdown. Can you believe that I’ve not yet reviewed a stage from M! Countdown? I think it’s because it’s on Thursday and I often don’t have time to blog on a Thursday evening. So I’m excited to be reviewing this stage! I’m also rather excited because it was a special performance for this week’s M! Countdown! The show moved to Thailand for the night and all the acts gave an outdoor concert performance… in the rain!

Style & Staging

T-ara - Sexy Love - M! Countdown Smile Thailand


I thought this performance’s outfit and styling was really cute. It was a little more sexy than some of the other performances but it just shows T-ara’s many charms. One of T-ara’s strengths has always been their adaptability. They can be cute, sophisticated, edgy or sexy. Normally CCM picks one style for one song but for Sexy Love they’ve gone for several!

In the last review the girls looked chic with smart tailoring and fierce silhouettes. I really liked that look. However, for this performance the girls brought out their sexy sides with daring leopard print dresses.

I thought the outfit was cute without being over the top. The black gloves gave it a glamorous edge whilst the boots stopped it from looking too much like a costume.

The stage itself was obviously grand being a concert! It’s such a shame that it rained so much. Still, I thought their charisma shined through and they all looked amazing.

Overall rating for Style & Staging – 5 / 5 stars.


Well, what can I say! The girls did really well considering it was raining so much! All the shots where the audience were wearing rainmacs made me worried. I didn’t want anyone to fall over! Thankfully no one did but that stage looked dangerously slippy! It’s a shame it wasn’t amazing weather but no one seemed like they minded. In fact, they looked like they were having an amazing time on stage!


I think this performance has been one of the strongest. I think T-ara were buoyed by getting to perform at a concert in Thailand – it must be such an amazing achievement for them all. If you can imagine how hard they worked and when they were trainees – dreaming of making it big and having your music heard. And then fast forward a few years later and you’re standing on stage in Thailand performing your latest song – wow! Congratulations to them.

T-ara - Sexy Love - M! Countdown Smile Thailand

But to go back to judging them on their performance! I thought the choreography was really strong. They performed it with such confidence whilst it being so wet! I thought they might fall but they didn’t. T-ara hwaiting!

Overall rating for Choreography – 4 / 5 stars.



Again, I think the girls performed strongly today. Although they might have been cold from all the rain, they still performed strongly. I thought Qri, Jiyeon and Boram all sang well today. I also really liked Hyomin and Soyeon. I’m still waiting for Eunjung to really sing her parts at the end. I know she can sing them live! Often Eunjung doesn’t sing her part live but if you look up some of the performances of TTL2 you can hear that she has an amazing voice.

T-ara - Sexy Love - M! Countdown Smile Thailand

Overall rating for Vocals – 4 / 5 stars.

Overall Score

T-ara - Sexy Love - M! Countdown Smile Thailand

The Overall Score for T-ara’s Sexy Love performance on M! Countdown is… 4 / 5 stars!

Review Conclusion

T-ara – Sexy Love on M! Countdown! 11th October 2012 – reviewed by K-pop Peach on October 13th 2012.
I thought this performance was great! The girls really showed off their charisma and dancing skills!
Score – 4
/ 5 stars.


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