T-ara – Sexy Love – Music Bank 5th October 2012 Review

7 Oct

Sorry for being away for a short while – the past two weekends were busy with lots of things! I’m not Korean so I don’t celebrate Chuseok but being half-Chinese I celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on the same day so two weeks ago that’s what I was doing! The weekend I took part in the 48 Hour Film Project and then the screening was yesterday so all a bit hectic! But, of course I can never keep away from K-pop!

Once again I’m excited to review T-ara’s performance on Music Bank on Friday! I’m excited to see the girls still performing strongly and fighting!

Style & Staging

T-ara Sexy Love - Music Bank

So after the travesty that was last Inkigayo’s clown-inspired outfits, we’ve returned to some normality =^_^= I really loved today’s staging. Quite simple but very chic. I really like Ahreum’s outfit and thought all of the girls looked so pretty! Hyomin looked extra gorgeous and I think Qri’s new hairstyle really rocked.

My two favourite looks from this performance were Boram’s and Eunjung’s. I think Boram has really shined for the performances of Sexy Love. Her sweet and cute personality complement the routine and song really well. She’s like cute love as opposed to sexy love but still awesome! I thought Eunjung’s hair looked fierce today! They don’t always get this right… but for this performance it was very sophisticated.

For whatever reason, this performance was shortened so we missed out on some of the extra lines and I do think it played with the overall feel and rhythm of the song. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this performance – I just wish it was longer!

Overall rating for Style & Staging – 5 / 5 stars.


I really liked Ahreum’s dance intro stage. I think with Ahreum they have found a greater rapper and really good dancer giving T-ara an extra dimension. Of course, I think if Hwayoung was still in T-ara she’d put on a fierce rap but I think Ahreum’s dance skills are really strong. Possibly this was one of the areas that T-ara lacked compared to other girl groups – if you compare 4Minute or SNSD, both HyunA and Hyoyeon are incredible dancers.

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Bank

There was almost an accident in today’s performance where Hyomin almost bumped into Ahreum (I didn’t screencap it) but they handled it so well! Boram stepped up her aegyo, whilst Jiyeon and Hyomin looked flawless. I also think Eunjung who has probably had the most difficult experience recently, is gradually feeling more confident. Overall, I love this performance!

Plus, Soyeon gave out a cute little heart sign! <3

Overall rating for Choreography – 5 / 5 stars.


T-ara - Sexy Love Music Bank

Although this performance was shortened I think the girls’ vocals were strong today. It’s probably not their best performance I’ve heard but they might be tired from all their international showcase shows in Hong Kong and Malaysia. I still really liked it but I wish Eunjung had more confidence to really go for her lines! Props to Boram again – she’s so cute!

Overall rating for Vocals – 4 / 5 stars.

Overall Score

The Overall Score for T-ara’s Sexy Love performance on Music Bank is… 5 / 5 stars!

Review Conclusion

T-ara – Sexy Love on Music Bank 5th October 2012 – reviewed by K-pop Peach on October 7th 2012.
I thought the girls performed this stage really strongly! They had fantastic charisma, I loved the intro dance and each of the girls looked amazing! T-ara whaiting!
Score – 5
/ 5 stars.

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Bank

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