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2PM – I Will Give You My Life MV

11 Jun

The 2PM boys have just released a new MV! And this one is a little different. It’s made up of behind the scenes footage of the band and scenes from their stage performances. I’m in two minds about this video because I never really like videos like this. They’re not original or new or different, and they seem terribly lazy to me. But it’s nice to see them in a more natural environment than their well rehearsed performances ^_^

2PM – Without U Live on M! Countdown

22 Apr

2PM are back on stage! I have to say, I don’t like this song as much as Heartbeat but I do like a bit of 2PM. I’m not sure on the dancing… but then again I thought the dancing for Heartbeat was really weird but then it grew to be infectious and I’d watch all their live performances; I’m hoping the Without U performances grow on me. I really like the song though, it’s pretty catchy. I hope they get to number 1 too!

2PM – Without U MV

19 Apr

Ooo! My favourite boy band (eh, is it okay to have a favourite boy band…?) are back with another great song and music video! the song is pretty cool, reminds me of a lot of early 00’s r and b, but it’s cool. The dancing on the other hand? Oh my! Hehe, JYP makes me laugh with his chereography. I’m sure it’ll grow on me :)

2PM – Heartbeat & Tired of Waiting @ Music Bank Goodbye Stage

15 Jan

Awww, the 2PM guys are wrapping up promotions of 1:59PM and held a special goodbye stage of Heartbeat and Tired of Waiting. 1:59PM was definitely one of my favourite albums from 2009 so it’s a bit sad to see the guys finally stop promoting Heartbeat. But I guess they finally need a break. Definitely going to miss their Heartbeat stages though – they were awesome!

2PM – Tired of Waiting @ Inkigayo

11 Jan

One of my favourite songs from last year was 2PM’s Heartbreaker (listen to my heart beat, it’s beating for you!). They’re back with a song that sounds very Timabland-esque if you ask me. I’m not sure if I like it more than their last song but I quite like it. The song has minimal production, but that obviously means it’s been produced to within an inch of its life. Actually, it’s not Timbaland, it reminds me exactly of Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow :O The backing track is so similar!

2PM – Heartbeat @ SBS Gayo Daejun

29 Dec

2PM (one of my favourite acts this year) continued to wow the audience and hottests by performing a stellar performance of Heartbeat. It was pretty awesome. I know there was much controversy with Jaebeom but they still perform really well!

The peach 愛 End of Year Music Awards 2009 Part 1

18 Dec

So, I thought I’d post my own End of Year Music Award list ^_^ This is just my own opinions but I thought it’d be fun. So, without further ado~

Favourite Korean Artist

Winner – T-ara

T-ara are definitely my favourite k-pop artist at the moment. I like them over other favourites, SNSD, Wonder Girls, 2PM and so on. It’s for a few reasons. Firstly, Good Person (their unofficial debut) is a great song. It’s a great ballad that really showed the girls can sing. I think sometimes the k-pop world is all about great pop music and the concept, but they forget the singing. It’s clear to me that T-ara has members that can out sing many other members of bands. That brings me neatly on to Soyeon. I *love* Soyeon. She’s a fantastic singer and is amazingly beautiful. Plus, she’s an 87er and that’s the same as me! When I found out that she got dropped from SNSD because she was an 87er then I just loved her even more. She’s definitely my favourite~ Lastly, they have great songs. Good Person, Lies, TTL, TTL Listen 2, Apple is A, Like The First Time, Bo Peep Bo Peep, that’s 7 songs they’ve released and all of them are great and that’s not to mention their album. The girls aren’t afraid to change their concept and I think they work harder than any other band at the moment. I have so much respect for them. This is the year of T-ara~

Notable mentions – SNSD, Ivy, 2PM, Chae Yeon

Favourite Korean Song

Winner – SNSD – Gee

Gee is by far my most played song ever. It has probably 500+ hits (I’ve had to reformat my computer a couple of times). It’s so insanely catchy and the dance routine is hilariously good. I want to learn it ;_; I want to bust out some moves walking along the street. You know you have that song you listen to and suddenly you find yourself skipping down the street as if you’re 7 years old and it’s Summer? Gee does this to me :)

Notable mentions – T-ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2, Chae Yeon – Shake, 2PM – Heartbeat, Ivy – Touch Me

Stay tuned for my personal favourites from the J-pop world and the C-pop world; what are your favourite 2009 artists?

2PM – Heartbeat @ Inkigayo

15 Dec

Awww, I do like this song. It’s definitely one of my favourite K-pop songs of the year so it’s pretty nice to see them still doing well in the charts and performing on Inkigayo. Hwaiting ^_^

T-ara & 2PM – Bo Peep Bo Peep @ Music Core

15 Dec

Hehe, no, 2PM didn’t actually perform with T-ara; but Junsu did sing along with T-ara at the start! His mic was turned on and he sang along, which is pretty funny! The girls were unphased and gave a pretty sweet rendition of their new hit song, Bo Peep Bo Peep. I’d say that I’m starting to think that Bo Peep is growing on me more and more than Like The First Time. Although hrm… ah well, any T-ara performance is awesome!

2PM – My Color MV

9 Dec

2PM are back with new single and commercial endorsement, My Color~ (the image song for Samsung’s Corby phone, which is also being called the Genio in the UK). The song is pretty catchy but is less hook-driven than Heartbeat. I like it less than Heartbeat but it’s 2PM, what’s not to like? It reminds me a little bit of Timbaland with the Eastern influence. The MV is really cool though – lots of bright colours and each member is looking pretty cool! Although I must admit, from a British perspective, it’s strange to see so much product placement in a music video.