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T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You @ M! Countdown!

18 Mar

T-ara go from strength to strength, knocking off Kara in the process. Kara have held the top M! Countdown position for two consecutive weeks until today. The T-ara girls amazingly beat the Kara girls by only 1 point! I’m not sure if there’s ever been a closer victory (of course unless they were exactly equal, in which case that’s closer by about 100%). I’m so proud of the girls. They seem to be no one’s favourite but they keep trying. They’re my favourite band though, so I can never be proud enough of them :)

SNSD – Run Devil Run MV

17 Mar

After teasing their fans with the previews of Run Devil Run, the SNSD girls have just released the mv! I love the mv, it’s so slick and the all look amazing. These girls are definitely at the top of the pack at the moment, even though I fly the flag for T-ara. A lot of girl groups are coming back strong (T-ara, Kara, After School, f(x)) but SNSD stand head and shoulders above them all. Check out their music video:

T-ara – I’m Really Hurt MV

17 Mar

T-ara are back with a new concept and 3 new MVs! Yes! 3! I don’t know why they do it, maybe they just like making them. I love this song. It’s my favourite out of their 2 new songs (the other being I Go Crazy Because of You). It’s a little slower, a little less dancey but I really like it. Sometimes I prefer slower songs, you know? They’ve also changed their concept to something more tomboyish – they look a little like After School did in their Because of You promotions. Check out the three videos below:

SNSD – Run Devil Run Released!

17 Mar

SM’s darlings, SNSD, have released the audio for the new song, Run Devil Run. No doubt this will be a mega hit!

f(x) – Thrill Love Released!

17 Mar

f(x) (who I like to think of as SNSD’s little cousins) have released a new song, Thrill Love. f(x) aren’t my favourite girl group, but they are quite cool. They have a lot of spunk and youth, which some of the other bands at the moment don’t have (they’re more serious and mature). So it’s nice they’re doing what they’re doing it. They remind me of early Wonder Girls. Check out their new song below:

T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You

4 Mar

My favourite girl group ever (maybe favourite band…?) are back with a new single! It’s for their repacked debut album, now entitled Breaking Heart :) It’s so cool! It’s very similar to a Britney Spears song, but that shouldn’t turn you off, too much… All the girls look great, with their new sexy concept, I’m proud that the girls can pul off so many different concepts. It shows real versatility :) How great does Eunjung and Boram look? Boram looks totally different! I didn’t even recognise her. She sings quite well too. Sadly, Soyeon isn’t in that much :( at least singing-wise and she’s got a great voice. Anyways, check out the video! It’s so good :)

Kara – Lupin MV

4 Mar

Kara are back with a hot new song! Lupin! It’s burning up the charts at the moment. Check out the video :)