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T-ara – Like The First Time MV

30 Nov

XD The MV for Like The First Time is out! I <3 T-ara! This is definitely one of my favourite MVs of the year. The concept is really cute; everyone is helping Hyomin get ready for her date~ awww! Bless em ^_^ But! it's not all cutesy, the girls give a pretty naughty dance routine! It reminds me of Ivy's Touch Me dance or Chae Yeon's Shake dance O_o Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, because Chae Yeon and Ivy were both met with bans for their MVs… I hope there is no back lash against T-ara, as they are working so hard to become a success and I really wish they will be! Anyways, the MV is pretty cool and I'm going off to learn the dance routine now ^^ But, omg! Look at Boram! She looks pretty and she can sing! She's not just a little waste of space that most people thought she was! At least I did; I never quite knew why Boram was there…

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep MV

30 Nov

T-ara are doing something a little different with their MVs for Bo Peep Bo Peep. They’ve released two versions – one for 19+ and one for 15+ age groups. The 15+ one is pretty cute and sees the girls in cute outfits dancing a funny little bouncey dance, and some fun close ups of the girls just being silly. The 19+ one is raunchy :o A bit of dirty dancing and some flesh on show? Oh dear Core Contents Media, what have you done?! This will no doubt get banned by conservative Korea. It’s not that raunchy, but compared to some of the MVs that have got banned recently, this is definitely going that way. Anyways, the 19+ one has an interesting concept about the girls being cats. Yeah-huh! I know right? Totally not going to get played in Korea~

After School – Because of You MV

30 Nov

The After School Because of You MV is here! The song is doing really well in the charts and now the MV looks set to dominate the tv sets/computer monitors too! The dance routine is pretty interesting too, less poppy than lots of K-pop artists. Plus, all the girls look really sophisticated and smart; like they could kick ya butt.

T-ara – Absolute First Album Full Release Listen

28 Nov

To celebrate T-ara releasing their first album and already making it to number 1 with their two new releases I’m posting the full songs for you to hear. I don’t normally do this, but I <3 T-ara so if it's ever going to be for someone, it'll be for them! I'm totally addicted to them right now XD My favourite new songs are: all of them! I actually went through and listened to them and all and was like: 'oh this is a favourite, oh and this is a favourite, and this and this, oh they're all favourites!' XD <3 T-ara~ fighting!

1. One & One

2. 처음처럼 (Like The First Time)

3. Bo Peep Bo Peep

4. Tic Tic Toc

5. Bye Bye

6. Apple Is A

7. Falling U

8. 너너너 (Say Goodbye)

9. 거짓말 (Dance Ver.) (Lies)

10. TTL (Time To Love)

11. 거짓말 (Slow Ver.) (Lies)

12. TTL Listen 2

13. 좋은 사람 (Good Person)

14. 놀아볼래? (Wanna Play?)

JYP – No Love No More MV Teaser Come Back

27 Nov

JYP, boss of 2PM, 2AM and Wonder Girls is coming back :O He just released the MV teaser for No Love No More and the song sounds really cool! JYP has pretty awesome production skills, 2PM and Wonder Girls have recently had really polished, professional songs with slick production skills that are worthy of the international market. So! I can’t wait to hear the whole song ^_^

After School – Because of You Live @ Music Bank

27 Nov

After School performed their comeback stage on Music Bank with Because of You. I have to say, I was really impressed with their live performance. It was so polished and professional! The song is doing great on the charts and I definitely like it. There’s so many new songs in K-pop and new ones are being released all the time so it’s easy to overlook many. But Because of You definitely caught my eye and I rather like it. The live performance is really good though; good vocals, great styling and pretty cool stage presence.

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep / 처음처럼 / Like The First Time MV Teaser & Whole Song

27 Nov

^_________________^ Can you tell how happy I am right now? <3ing T-ara's new music. They've released teasers for two MVs, both potential single releases and the fans will get to vote which will be the single they focus on. Bo Peep Bo Peep is pretty cute and catchy but 처음처럼 / Like The First Time is awesome! It's definitely my favourite new song of theirs. It's soooooo good! It reminds me a little bit of 4Minute though but that's not a bad thing. T-ara have totally debuted with a great first album and they really deserve people to notice them for their talents. I'm so proud of them and how far they've come! I really wish this album will be a success <3 hwaiting~

What single do you think will be the bigger success? I think 처음처럼 / Like The First Time will be.

T-ara – New Album – Absolute First Album Cover & Tracklist

27 Nov

1 One & One
2 처음처럼 / Like The First Time
3 Bo Peep Bo Peep
4 Tic Tic Toc
5 Bye Bye
6 Apple Is A
7 Falling U
8 너너너 / Say Good Bye
9 Lies (Dance Ver.)
10 T.T.L (Time To Love)
11 Lies (Slow Ver.)
12 TTL Listen 2
13 좋은 사람 / Good Person
14 놀아볼래? / Wanna Play?

Ahhh! T-ara’s debut album is finally out! So excited XD I <3 T-ara. In fact, I'll put it out there and say that T-ara are my number 1 girl band. That sounds really lame though ;_; But it's true! I like them more Girls Aloud or SNSD or whoever. I <3 them so much! They've had to endure a lot of pain and trouble that a lot of other bands simply haven't had to do. And they keep fighting, hwaiting! All the time. I feel bad for them sometimes because they work so hard, but I have so much respect for them doing it all.

F.I.R. – We Are

25 Nov

I cna’t write much because I have to run out the door to see my friend and see a play. We’re going to see A Christmas Carol! Ooo, I’m very excited ^_^

Anyways, wanted to quickly blog about F.I.R.’s new single, We Are. I love me some FIR! jia you! The new single is pretty cool! Always <3 Faye's voice.

Taeyang – Wedding Dress PV

25 Nov

My best friend’s sister is a k-pop nut like me. We often talk about it; she loves her some 2NE1 and stuffs. Although we don’t exactly like the same music, it’s nice to talk to someone about it. One song that she really loves is Taeyang’s Wedding Dress so I had to check it out too! It’s pretty cool, I normally like my songs a little faster but Taeyang kind of reminds me of Neyo, you know? I think the current trend in K-pop is for the songs to have a little edge to them, a little r and b or hiphop elements. Does that make sense to anyone? Check this song out though, it definitely grows on you. By the third listen or so, you’ll be hooked! Wedding dress~