T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep MV

30 Nov

T-ara are doing something a little different with their MVs for Bo Peep Bo Peep. They’ve released two versions – one for 19+ and one for 15+ age groups. The 15+ one is pretty cute and sees the girls in cute outfits dancing a funny little bouncey dance, and some fun close ups of the girls just being silly. The 19+ one is raunchy :o A bit of dirty dancing and some flesh on show? Oh dear Core Contents Media, what have you done?! This will no doubt get banned by conservative Korea. It’s not that raunchy, but compared to some of the MVs that have got banned recently, this is definitely going that way. Anyways, the 19+ one has an interesting concept about the girls being cats. Yeah-huh! I know right? Totally not going to get played in Korea~

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