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SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara – Wonder Woman @ Inkigayo

17 Jan

The special collaboration group, featuring the vocal talents of SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara have just performed Wonder Woman on Inkigayo. The live performance is quite amazing to watch because the girls sing so well. A lot of the time I watch the live stages for the performance (costumes, cheography, charisma etc.) but not necessarily the singing. But every member of this special group can sing amazingly well.

SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara – Wonder Woman MV

15 Jan

The three groups that brought Women’s Generation to tv stations about 6 months ago are back to set the stage on fire again with a new offering. With different members of T-ara this time round, the girls have gotten together to sing Wonder Woman. The song is pretty catchy, and sounds quite similar to Women’s Generation, but also different. It’s a bit of a shame that T-ara, one of the hottest bands at the moment, don’t have such a big role in this collaboration. But I understand that SeeYa and Davichi have been around for a lot longer. Still, would have been nice to see the T-ara girls rock it up like we all know they can.

Do you think it’ll be a hit?

T-ara & SeeYa & Davichi – TTL & His Voice & 8282 & Women’s Generation

29 Dec

T-ara <3 and SeeYa and Davichi (respected noona and labelmates) performed a joint stage together doing a melody of TTL, His Voice, 8282 and Women's Generation. Was pretty awesome to see all the girls get together, there's a great sense of friendship amongst them don't you think? I have to admit though, boy can SeeYa and Davichi sing compared to T-ara. Granted, they're rookies and the other bands are known for their amazing vocals, but wow. I wish they got more air time then so people could be wowed more. I think it's easy to forget what an amazing voice sounds like when everything is over produced or focused on the dance moves.