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Hello! Welcome to K-pop Peach! This blog is dedicated to everything K-pop but you might find one or two posts about other music genres or artists in the deep recesses of the blog!

A brief history of K-pop Peach

When I first started this blog three almost four years ago, I didn’t know yet what the blog was going to be about. I was still at university and in a fit of inspiration set up the blog. Originally it was called Peach 愛 (Ai, this means love in Chinese or Japanese). Why Peach 愛? Well, I was inspired to create a unique brand name for my blog. I really like peaches (especially their aesthetic) and love, somewhat ironically, the Chinese word for love – 愛. Originally the blog featured blog posts based on all different types of music – British, Chinese, Japanese and of course Korean.

Fast forward a couple more years and the blog has been re-named K-pop Peach. I wanted a more focused name and brand on what the blog had become (a Korean pop music blog) and also felt that the original name was a bit confusing!  So I changed the name and got a unique domain for myself! It’s been renamed K-pop Peach for a year now (the anniversary is September 3rd!) and whilst it took a while for the blog to find its feet again, I’m happy with where it is now!

The other thing to note is that when I first started this blog, K-pop wasn’t nearly as big as it is now and there were very few if any UK-based K-pop blogs. I’m happy to be one of the first and whilst I’m by no means the biggest or the best, I hope I can help spread the Hallyu wave to some more people.

What’s K-pop Peach all about?

K-pop Peach is a UK K-pop blog. It’s as simple as that. I write all the entries myself and whilst sometimes I don’t get enough time to blog as much as I would like to, I love this blog. I’ve been blogging for exactly half my life now. I love to write and I love the Internet. At K-pop Peach I like to post romanised lyrics for songs (because without them I wouldn’t be able to sing along) and the latest music videos for K-pop fans! I don’t cover all the news stories or all the songs out there because I don’t have time. But hopefully what I do write about you find interesting!

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Who writes K-pop Peach?

My name is Colin, I’m 25 and live in London, the United Kingdom. My zodiac sign is Sagittarius and my Chinese zodiac is the rabbit! I’m also half Chinese! 认识你很高兴! I live for music, learning languages, delicious food, playing video games, baking and being creative.

My personal Twitter account is seocolin and my Google+ account is .

4 Responses to “a b o u t”

  1. NyNy 22/08/2009 at 4:11 pm #

    Hello Colin! This is NyNy!

    It’s nice to meet you. Your site looks good, I like it.

  2. sakurayume 24/04/2010 at 9:14 pm #

    Hi there! I like your site! I’d like to add you to my affiliates page, if its alright. Just let me know!

    • peachai 28/04/2010 at 11:28 am #

      Hi ^_^ Why thankyou! Yes, that’d be great! I will add you to my blog roll too :)

  3. KremlinChaos 17/07/2010 at 12:47 am #

    Would you like to exchange links?

    Blog: http://chaoticdusk.wordpress.com/

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