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Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye M! Countdown 8th September 2011

8 Sep

Davichi continue promotions of their hit new song, Don’t Say Goodbye. The girls continue to show their amazing vocals with their live performances. Check out their performance below:

Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye Tops Instiz Chart

6 Sep

Instiz has just released their chart for the first week of September and the lovely ladies of Davichi win! They rank number 1 for their hit new song, Don’t Say Goodbye. Congratulations to Davichi, their new single is definitely a perfect song for September.
It looks like they will lose their number 1 ranking next week to KARA though. KARA is currently number 1 on the chart with 84 points to Davichi’s 81 – so close!

Check out Davichi’s MV for Don’t Say Goodbye below and KARA’s STEP – which song do you prefer? Autumn is definitely heating up to be a battle of the girl groups.

Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye & Love Oh Love – Inkigayo

4 Sep

Power vocal duo, Davichi made their comeback on today’s Inkigayo performing two songs from their new release, Love Delight.

Love Oh Love is a very sweet ballad that is perfect the autumn months. The cold weather is starting to come and everyone wants to feel warm and happy inside with their loved ones – this is a song to listen to when it gets dark outside.

Don’t Say Goodbye is their lead single and is another beautiful ballad – however this one has more arrangement and production than the first performance. The girls really show off the powerful vocals on this song. Arguably they have some of the strongest vocals at the moment? Congratulations to Davichi for a successful comeback! Check out their performance here:

SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara – Wonder Woman @ Inkigayo

17 Jan

The special collaboration group, featuring the vocal talents of SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara have just performed Wonder Woman on Inkigayo. The live performance is quite amazing to watch because the girls sing so well. A lot of the time I watch the live stages for the performance (costumes, cheography, charisma etc.) but not necessarily the singing. But every member of this special group can sing amazingly well.

SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara – Wonder Woman MV

15 Jan

The three groups that brought Women’s Generation to tv stations about 6 months ago are back to set the stage on fire again with a new offering. With different members of T-ara this time round, the girls have gotten together to sing Wonder Woman. The song is pretty catchy, and sounds quite similar to Women’s Generation, but also different. It’s a bit of a shame that T-ara, one of the hottest bands at the moment, don’t have such a big role in this collaboration. But I understand that SeeYa and Davichi have been around for a lot longer. Still, would have been nice to see the T-ara girls rock it up like we all know they can.

Do you think it’ll be a hit?

T-ara & SeeYa & Davichi – TTL & His Voice & 8282 & Women’s Generation

29 Dec

T-ara <3 and SeeYa and Davichi (respected noona and labelmates) performed a joint stage together doing a melody of TTL, His Voice, 8282 and Women's Generation. Was pretty awesome to see all the girls get together, there's a great sense of friendship amongst them don't you think? I have to admit though, boy can SeeYa and Davichi sing compared to T-ara. Granted, they're rookies and the other bands are known for their amazing vocals, but wow. I wish they got more air time then so people could be wowed more. I think it's easy to forget what an amazing voice sounds like when everything is over produced or focused on the dance moves.