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G-Dragon – Crooked MV Gallery

22 Sep

G-Dragon recently returned with his hit new single, Crooked. The MV was shot in London – that’s where I live! In all seriousness, I recognise some of the places he filmed in the MV! That’s pretty epic. But, without further ado – check out latest gallery featuring stills from the music video.

I love the song and I really dig the cinematography. It’s nice to see something different in the K-pop scene. G-Dragon’s style is flawless and you can’t beat a bit of Vivienne Westwood.


G-Dragon – Breathe @ Inkigayo

28 Sep

I don’t like Breathe as much as Heartbreaker but still, really amazing performance on Inkigayo!

G-DRAGON – Heartbreaker

4 Sep

Following the world’s Summer love affair with electro-pop music, G-DRAGON has gone all vocoder on us for his debut solo single, Heartbreaker. It’s a tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune! The similarities to Flo Rida’s Right Round should be ignored and just turn your speakers up to the top and just dance and jump around your room. Awesome stuff!