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4Minute – HuH live on Inkigayo

23 May

4Minute are not my favourite girl group… in fact they might not even make my top 5. (Top 5 is something like 1 – T-ara, 2 – SNSD, 2 – Wonder Girls, 3 – 2NE1, 4 – Kara). I did however really like Muzik, but they don’t seem to have had a song I liked as much since then. I don’t think song goes anywhere – if you follow? Although I think most K-pop songs don’t have a huge finale to them, it’s just a simple chorus chorus repeat. I’m getting off track. I do like some of the arrangement of this song though – so check it out!

4Minute – Muzik Japanese Version Teaser

1 May

Wow! I completely missed 4Minute getting signed by Universal Music Japan, but they did and they’re releasing their hit song, Muzik, for the Japanese crowd. They’re not the first Korean artist to release music in Japan (BoA, DBSK anyone?) but it definitely shows that the Korean Wave is not letting up anyway time soon.

Step forward, 4Minute who are releasing a Japanese version of their hit song Muzik. Before becoming obsessed with K-pop I was into J-pop in a big way. I still am, but only really for certain artists. This song should be a big hit in Japan – I always thought it had a big J-pop electro influence anyway. It will be interesting to watch though, Japan doesn’t follow idol groups as fanatically as Korea does, but with BoA’s slow decline in popularity, the space is wide open for a Korean artist to take over the Oricon charts.

HyunA – Change @ Music Bank

15 Jan

HyunA continues promotions of her first solo singl, Change, on Music Bank. I wonder if she regrets leaving Wonder Girls (not that she had a choice). She’d be making such different music now; instead of edgy pop music, she’d be making 60s inspired tweenish pop music. Quite a big difference don’t you think? I guess maybe she’s happier performing the edgier stuff. I think she looks really like Jolin Tsai here though.

HyunA – Change MV

14 Jan

HyunA is everyone’s favourite ex-Wonder Girl, 4Muzik rookie (or are 4Muzik no longer rookies?) solo star who is rocking on up the charts with her debut single, Change. Complete with a rather salacious dance routine, HyunA’s performances have got everyone in a tizzy. The MV is also pretty raunchy and certain broadcasters are putting age restrictions up on it. This annoys me though… because there are some performers who do not have such provocative dance routines but their MVs get banned for other reasons. I think a dance routine can be far more revealing than a short skirt. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool MV.

HyunA – Change @ Inkigayo

11 Jan

Sorry for not updating my blog more frequently recently, I’ve been really unwell. But I’m finally feeling better and not spending all day in bed so I’m back~! I’ve missed out on a lot though :( Anyways! Let’s get back into things with HyunA! 4Minute are not my favourite band but I like them for the electro-disco inspired music that has something a little more unique than most other groups in the K-pop industry at the moment.

HyunA is breaking out solo with her first single, Change. It’s pretty cool, exactly what I would expect from a 4Minute member, the dance is pretty awesome and funny though~

4Minute – Muzik Live @ Jejudo Music Core Special

6 Dec

The 4Minute girls returned to the stage on Music Core’s Jejudo Special :) They performed Muzik, which is a little old but I guess with the end of the year a few weeks away that artists are getting a bit nostalgic. I really like Muzik, it’s a catchy piece of pop music that stood out from its rivals by being that bit more edgy. I think this also helped the success of 2NE1.

4Minute & Mario & Amen – Jingle Jingle MV

4 Dec

Awww, how nice is Christmas? Everyone loves the festive period! It’s all so pretty and cute and lovely~ *sigh* ^_^ 4Minute have released the MV for Jingle Jingle. It’s pretty cute, a lot less sexy and has the concept of a comic book. Pretty cool!

4Minute & Mario & Amen – Jingle Jingle

3 Dec

4Minute are back with a very cute Christmas song. Continuing their electro/trance style they’ve teamed up with Mario & Amen to release this festive little ditty. It’s really cute, Jingle Jingle~ but it’s not amazing. But still, I love Christmas so all Christmas songs are great ^_^

4minute – What A Girl Wants MV

18 Nov

4minute return after the success of Muzik with new song, What A Girl Wants. It’s kind of like a semi-mid-tempo electro ballad pop song. It’s a bit similar to 2NE1’s I don’t care (eh eh eh eh), but less ballady. So it’s pretty cool. I think it fits quite nicely on radio for this time of year. I always thought it was strange how certain music fits better for certain times of year. I mean, if you don’t have seasons, then that isn’t really going to affect you is it?

Check out the MV below, it totally screams Korean cinema at me for some reason. I can see elements of so many different Korean movies and dramas in it.

4MINUTE – MUZIK (remix) @ Dream Concert

12 Oct

4MINUTE aren’t my favourite group by far actually. I’ve never really listened to them much before. However, MUZIK is pretty catchy and I’ve found myself humming the chorus quite often recently. Like many other artists, they debuted a remix version of their hit song at Dream Concert that was met with huge cheers by the crowd. The song is definitely a big tune! I’m starting to love it! Haha! And I guess you can really tell the differences between a rookie group, and a not so rookie group (4MINUTE vs. f(x)) with their stage presence.