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SHINee – Everybody Gallery

27 Oct

SHINee are back and with an amazing new hit! They’re currently winning mutizens left, right and center! I love me some SHINee. They work endlessly and in this video they are killing the choreography. Oh my god, it’s a bit of a joke how good it is. It’s like out of a dancing competition!

Kudos to SHINee, they definitely deserve all the love they are getting now and they’re quickly becoming my favourite K-pop boyband. What do you think of the MV? It’s epic!

T-ara – Number 9 Gallery

13 Oct

After a long time away, the girls from T-ara are back with their smash hit new song, Number 9! The girls have returned with another fantastic pop song that will find its way into your head and it’ll stay there for ages! You’ll be singing Number 9 all day :)

The MV looks awesome too! The girls have really stepped it up and returned with a mature image – very different from Sexy Love. Each of the girls look fierce and bring it in their own way. Big shout outs go to Qri for eating a flower(!) and for Boram for being cute and tiny yet fierce and fighting. Have you listened to the song yet? Do you like it?