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Sandara – Kiss Live @ Mnet Asian Music Awards

21 Nov

The girls of 2NE1 also performed their individual projects as well which was really great to see ^_^

Sandara – Kiss (feat. CL) CF Video

12 Sep

So, Sandara’s debut solo single’s CF video has been released! She’s promoting Cass beer with Lee Min Ho as her love interest in the video. It looks pretty cool. Sandara can be both very cute and like a little pokemon but also very fierce and like a baracuda. I think what happens is she’s tired of Lee Min Ho’s rogueish ways and thinks: “Well, fine! I’m going to put on my 2NE1 gladrags and take control”. I think that’s what 2NE1’s message is about – girl powah!

Sandara – Kiss (feat. CL)

8 Sep

I never really liked 2NE1. I know their they’re the biggest rookies at the moment and have had a pretty amazing debut, but there’s something that I don’t quite like about them. I guess it’s because I like my K-pop with extra sugar, and the 2NE1 girls come with extra spice ;D Anyways, I do like their I Don’t Care song. But, Sandara is releasing a solo single called Kiss. It also features a rap from CL. My opinion..? I wouldn’t be blogging about it if I didn’t like it! It’s much less… squeaky.