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f(x) – Thrill Love Released!

17 Mar

f(x) (who I like to think of as SNSD’s little cousins) have released a new song, Thrill Love. f(x) aren’t my favourite girl group, but they are quite cool. They have a lot of spunk and youth, which some of the other bands at the moment don’t have (they’re more serious and mature). So it’s nice they’re doing what they’re doing it. They remind me of early Wonder Girls. Check out their new song below:

f(x) – CHU~<3 Live @ Inkigayo

6 Dec

Awww, the rookies of f(x) are continuing well with CHU. It’s not my favourite song by a long mile but I can see why it’s catchy :)

f(x) – CHU~<3 Live @ Music Bank

4 Dec

Awww, poor little f(x)! Some of the members got swine flu! I don’t know how that happened :o There haven’t been any cases (or very few) of celebrities in Britain getting sick with it. Anyways! They’re all back and promoting Chu~<3. I quite like this song, but the chorus I think isn't meaty enough so that's why I don't listen to it that much. These posts are really incoherent. I'm basically running out the door to do some Christmas shopping! Ah! Rush rush~

f(x) – CHU~<3 @ Inkigayo

18 Nov

f(x) continue their progression from rookie groupie with the mostest and continually deliver polished performance after polished performance. The level they debuted at is pretty amazing considering some other group’s skill levels when they first debuted. However, what I will say is that their sound is a little ‘young’. If that makes sense? You know? Like, their songs sound less mature than other groups. Less sophisticated. I’m not sure if this is because they are rookies or because SM Entertainment are targeting a specific demographic. Either way, I do think they are pretty cool. Kudos for Amber for perhaps being the coolest member of a girlband ever!

f(x) – CHU~ @ Inkigayo

9 Nov

f(x) are back with a new song and a new liv performance. I don’t like this song as much as their debut, they seem less grown up on this song and much more younger. Granted, that’s fine if they want to be a young band, but it doesn’t personally appeal to me. I’m off to watch a film though, I don’t know which one ^_^

f(x) – LA chA TA @ Dream Concert

12 Oct

f(x) also performed at the Dream Concert, with LA chA TA. I’m not really sure where they’ve gone, they seemed to have a huge debut but their promotion has slowed up a little. They give a pretty cool performance, but I wasn’t blown away with it. I guess it’s a bit hard for 5 rookies to command such a huge stage. Everyone seems to love Amber though! Good for her :)

f(x) – LA chA TA @ Music Bank

12 Sep

f(x) continue their debut with another professional performance of their hit new song LA chA TA (why it’s written like that I have no idea). As always, they’re on it! And by on it I mean their vocals are good, their dance moves are sharp and their overall presence exudes confidence and charisma. How’d they get to be so professional so fast? I guess SM Entertainment has learnt a lot after debuting so many acts and knows how to put out a group who are so professional they don’t look like rookies. Compare these performances to T-ara’s and you can totally see my point.

Although I do think that the songs sound really similar to something else… The intro song that they perform is just Pussy Cat Doll’s When I Grow Up; LA chA TA sounds like a 90s/80s pop song, but maybe that’s just because it’s good.

Koreans Love Whitney!

8 Sep

So, I was reading allkpop and reading about f(x)’s Luna singing Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard a Korean singer sing this song though! Furthermore, sadly, it’s not the best version I’ve heard it either. Check out her version below:

Granted, it’s a pretty good performance but I think this ten-year-old girl from Star King is just as good:

Lastly, I think this is the best performance!

Where in the world is Ji Eun? I loved her album, especially Rain but she seems to have been hidden away again by YG. I think Ji Eun has probably the best voice I have ever heard from a K-pop star; I think it’s a bit of an injustice she’s not more famous.

Lastly, I thought I’d post a clip of Leona Lewis singing this from X Factor. For those that don’t know, X Factor is like American Idol; Leona won it and that’s how she became famous. Her performance is pretty awesome.

f(x) – Lachata @ Inkigayo

6 Sep

Following on from their debut performance on Music Core, the girls performed live on Inkigayo. It was another smash performance! Totally amazed!!!

f(x) – Lachata Live Debut

5 Sep

So! f(x) performed their live debut of Lachata on Music Core! I have to say, I was blown away! They performed amazing for their debut! Compare it to certain other groups’ debuts and you’ll totally agree! Likewise, I can’t believe how much the crowd were going crazy for them! It wasn’t that long ago that SM Ent were releasing teasers; I’d put money on f(x) being the hottest girl group for the forseeable future. Yep, I think they’re going to knock 2NE1 off from their number 1 spot. The performance reminded me of Pussy Cat Dolls. Congrats to them for giving such a hot performance!