T-ara – Sexy Love – Inkigayo 16th September 2012 Review

16 Sep

Our fourth live stage review features T-ara once more (I’m sorry, they’re my favourite group!). This time we will review their performance from today’s Inkigayo. SBS’ Inkigayo is my favourite music show – I’ve always really enjoyed the set designs and I always thought the artists tried extra hard on their performances.

Without further ado, let’s start the review!

Style & Staging

T-ara - Sexy Love Inkigayo

Sometimes I really wonder who thinks of the concepts for T-ara’s outfits. We’ve had the Native American look for YaYaYa, the kitty look for Bo Peep Bo Peep and not to forget the zombies… One of the highlights that springs to mind is one of the New Year special performances of Bo Peep Bo Peep where T-ara wore traditional inspired dresses. I thought they were cute but whoa that was crazy!

So for the previous two stages we had some cute outfits! The girls looked ultra sleek on Music Bank and really cute on Music Core. But where do we begin with today’s outfit!?

I think the designers are taking the puppet dolls concept a little too literally with these outfits. I don’t really like the use of primary colours. I can understand the thinking but really I would have preferred a more interesting design.

I also miss the cute hairstyles from yesterday’s performance! Especially Boram’s! In my opinion, I think Boram should wear her hair in ox horn buns forever more. Jiyeon looked gorgeous though.

T-ara - Sexy Love Inkigayo

Overall rating for Style & Staging – 3 / 5 stars.


For today’s performance, I thought T-ara really performed strongly! Perhaps this might even be their best stage yet. All the girls seem to be relaxing more with each performance – especially Eunjung. I think Eunjung has suffered a lot recently personally so for her to perform on stage obviously took a lot of heart and courage. I think she’s gradually feeling more comfortable on stage again – it must be so difficult to get yourself psyched up to perform if you really don’t want to.

T-ara - Sexy Love Inkigayo

The girls really performed the choreography flawlessly! You can tell that they’ve worked really hard for their comeback, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a dance routine from them as much as this one for a long time! I really enjoyed YaYaYa because it was cute! You can always count on T-ara to have a unique dance routine! That is one of the reasons why I love T-ara so much – they work so hard to deliver. T-ara hwaiting!

Overall rating for Choreography – 5 / 5 stars.


T-ara - Sexy Love Inkigayo

I thought T-ara performed this really song very well today. Maybe it wasn’t as strong as Music Bank but I still think they all sang well – especially Hyomin, I thought she sang the best today. And also, of course kudos to Boram who is stealing some limelight from the main vocalists of T-ara at the moment!

Overall rating for Vocals – 4 / 5 stars.

Overall Score

The Overall Score for T-ara’s Sexy Love performance on Inkigayo is… 3.5 / 5 stars!

Review Conclusion

T-ara – Sexy Love on Inkigayo 16th September 2012 – reviewed by K-pop Peach on September 16th 2012.
I was disappointed by the style and staging for today’s episode but I still thought T-ara performed strongly with lots of heart. A big
Score – 3.5
/ 5 stars.

T-ara - Sexy Love Inkigayo

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