T-ara – Sexy Love – Music Core 15th September 2012 Review

16 Sep

For our third Live Stage Review post, we’ll review T-ara’s Music Core stage of Sexy Love from 15th September 2012.

I’m really excited to see T-ara performing again. Granted, I’m disappointed they didn’t manage to get an all-kill like they did with Lovey Dovey (which was such a huge hit!) but for a while I thought T-ara might never perform again so to see them make a comeback has been fantastic! I am so proud of the girls and hope they continue with success. I really hope that by the next time they release a song, the scandal will have been forgotten about and they will get another all-kill or award.

Reviews of stages cover three  areas: Style & Staging, Choreography and Vocals. I’d love to hear your feedback !

Style & Staging

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Core

I really liked this concept. It’s very different from their stage yesterday but the girls again showed fantastic versatility and I loved the cute outfits. I mean come on, even I want a dress with cupcakes on it! 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Chun Li or Boram?

Chun Li or Boram?

I think I prefer these outfits to the ones from Music Bank, especially the fact that they wore boots with the cute pink dresses! I think this gave the outfit a bit of an edge without being overly cutesy. Props also for the hairstyling in this performance – I think it’s fantastic! Especially Boram’s super cute ox horn buns! Boram… or… Chun Li…? I’m too confused!

I thought each of the girls’ close up at the start of the stage were really pretty and they all looked flawless! I need to find out which BB cream they are using ¬_¬;;

In terms of the staging itself, I liked it. I’m not entirely sure where they filmed the performance. It looks like some kind of wonderland or theme park? It reminds me of Lego land and whilst I do like the setting (especially the scenes featuring Qri and Ahreum sitting down), it also felt a bit weird – especially the weird models of people.

Also, I didn’t enjoy the visual effects they used. I liked the petals or confetti that floated on the screen but didn’t like the balloons of Sexy Love or the ‘cartoon’ effect they randomly applied. The less said about the balloons the better! But, all in all I really liked this stage!

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Core

No more balloons!

Overall rating for Style & Staging – 5 / 5 stars.


T-ara - Sexy Love Music Core

I thought T-ara performed the Sexy Love dance flawlessly today. You can tell that their hard work and training has been paying off. I also think that the dresses and boots allowed them to move better so the more flexible dance moves were more fluid and flowed better. I also think that the girls performed with a lot of heart – especially Eunjung. I noted that Eunjung was a little down in the last performance but today she seemed a lot more upbeat (is it just me or has she also had her hair dyed lighter?).

Jiyeon also impressed today as did Boram! Honestly, I don’t think Boram has ever looked cuter! She’s so small and cute! I think Hyomin looked gorgeous and I was really impressed by the power of Ahreum’s rap and dancing skills. I think Ahreum makes a nice addition to the group but still wish Hwayoung was in T-ara! Hwayoung hwaiting ∩( ・ω・)∩!

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Core

Overall rating for Choreography – 5 / 5 stars.


T-ara - Sexy Love Music Core

Unfortunately T-ara performed to the backing track on today’s Music Core so I can’t review their vocals!

Overall rating for Vocals – 0 / 5 stars.

Overall Score

The Overall Score for T-ara’s Sexy Love performance on Music Core is… 4 / 5 stars!

Review Conclusion

T-ara – Sexy Love on Music Core 15th September 2012 – reviewed by K-pop Peach on September 15th 2012.
I loved T-ara’s style and staging for Sexy Love on today’s Music Core; I also loved their performance and choreography. They all looked so cute! Special highlights were Boram and Ahreum but unfortunately they didn’t sing live. Still, a great concept and charismatic performance!
Score – 4
/ 5 stars.

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Core Hyomin

As a special treat today for reading my review, continue to see the gorgeous close ups of T-ara at the start of today’s performance.

Who’s your favourite?
T-ara - Sexy Love Music Core

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