T-ara – Sexy Love – Music Bank Comeback Special 14th September 2012 Review

15 Sep

So I am going to post a new section to the blog – reviewing the live stages of acts on the biggest music programs. Today’s review will focus on T-ara’s comeback special on KBS’ Music Bank with Sexy Love!

Each review going forward will cover three topics: Style & Staging is the first, then Choreography and finally Vocals. Style & Staging will cover everything from outfits, makeup, lighting, backing dancers, set design and so on. Choreography will of course cover the hot dances routines of any performance but also the performance itself.  Not all songs have a dance routine so it will also cover the enthusiasm and finesse  of the performance. Finally, vocals will cover the singing! Each section will receive a score out (1 – 5 stars) and then final tally is added up to give a final score! Note, if the performers are miming then they will receive no stars for the Vocal section.

Still with me? Any questions? Let’s get to it!

Although the girls have been promoting Sexy Love for a week already, this is their comeback on Music Bank as last week’s performance was cancelled due to KBS’ concerns over the bullying scandal. However, I don’t want to dwell on that issue on this post.

Style & Staging

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Bank

I loved this performance of Sexy Love! The girls start off above the stage on a bridge and are dressed in sexy black dresses and some even have cute hair accessories. This style is used exclusively for the famous robot dance that goes with the song. I think the girls look fantastic! I also love the different hair styles and accessories with some girls wearing cute bows in their hair whilst Boram gets a little white hat! I think this outfit looks very sophisticated and Hyomin looks hot!

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Bank

The girls then change to chic pink suit inspired by Michael Jackson’s 70s style. I like this outfit less but I think it goes well with the style of dancing. It reminds me a little of After School’s Because of You MV – fierce tailoring that highlights the strong dance moves and shapes. A shout out for Boram again though as I think she looks exceptionally gorgeous with her current hairstyle. I also thought Soyeon looked cute and Hyomin looked very sophisticated with her sleek look. However, I’m not a huge fan of Eunjung’s wavey bob (especially her bangs) and Qri’s hairstyle could use more shape to fit with some of the moves better but overall I think T-ara look chic!

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Bank

I have to also say that I loved their stage! I thought the bridge at the top for the robot dance was really cool! To separate the stage into two different performance areas gave the comeback special an extra height that you don’t normally see in performances. Some might say this is just a gimmick but I thought it looked cool!

Overall rating for Style & Staging – 4 / 5 stars.


T-ara - Sexy Love Music Bank

I love the choreography of Sexy Love! I genuinely think it’s one of their best routines yet – not too simplistic like Bo Peep Bo Peep but also not too fierce and dramatic like I Go Crazy Because of You. I think that’s one of the many reasons why I like T-ara so much; they are really versatile.

I thought in this performance the girls tried really hard to give a charismatic performance and entertain their fans. Music Bank is obviously a big deal so they tried their hardest and I think it shows. Jiyeon was definitely charismatic, as was Hyomin. I think Eunjung was still holding back a little – she still seems very fragile when performing but I think she gave it her all.

Overall rating for Choreography – 4 / 5 stars.


T-ara - Sexy Love Music Bank

T-ara are often criticised for not having the strongest vocals in K-pop compared to other girl groups, however I think this is unfair. Soyeon has a beautiful voice and she sings with lots of emotion and heart. I thought each member sang well today – including Boram who often doesn’t get more than a single line! Eunjun, Hyomin and Soyeon were my stand outs this performance. What were yours?

Overall rating for Vocals – 4 / 5 stars.

Overall Score

T-ara - Sexy Love Music Bank

The Overall Score for T-ara’s Sexy Love comeback on Music Bank is… 4 / 5 stars!

Review Conclusion

T-ara – Sexy Love on Music Bank 14th September 2012 – reviewed by K-pop Peach on September 14th 2012.
I think this has been a solid performance and a strong comeback stage on Music Bank. I especially liked the styling and staging, and all of the girls gave such strong performances – lots of charisma!
Score – 4
/ 5 stars.

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