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BoA – Hurricane Venus MV

9 Aug

BoA continues to show the rest of K-pop that taking longer than 6 months off might actually work well for you! As much as I love K-pop, I also have a lot of criticisms of the industry. The rate at which they work, the amount of work they produce and the time off they get is something I think many idols struggle with. What’s more, I think the K-pop industry needs to encourage originality and genuinely great music, dancing and production. Aside from the plagiarism that has dogged K-pop this past year or two, I think too many idols are idolised when they aren’t amazingly talented. Of course, this is not a problem just for K-pop music industry but all celebrity cultures. Nonetheless, I think BoA is setting an example that people can’t hide true talent. BoA is arguably the most talented Asian solo female at the moment in terms of popstar material. She can sing, she can dance, she can sing live. Her dominance of Korea and Japan really show that she has international appeal as well. Sometimes I think her achievements in Japan are taken for granted but she is one of the most successful artists in Japan, Japanese or otherwise. Japan might be the second biggest music market behind the US but is often a rather introverted one where foreign artists do not do as well as native ones.

Nonetheless, this video is amazing. It’s contemporary, it’s bold, it feels modern and different from everything out there in the music scene today – regardless of geography. You can tell SMEnt put a load of money into BoA’s return. The choreography somehow seems to work better in the MV than the live stages and to think it will soon be in 3D! That’s amazing!

BoA – Dangerous & Hurricane Venus Live on Music Bank Comeback Stage

6 Aug

BoA, one of my favourite artists is back! I’ve been a fan of hers for ages, since QUINCY – so about 6 years! To be honest I’ve preferred her Japanese music up until now but her most recent Japanese stuff has been sounding a bit tired. But she’s back with a vengeance with her first K-pop album in 5 years! I love it! It’s so amazing to see her completely owning a stage and commanding the adoration she deserves! I love BoA! She’s definitely a step above the other artists in K-pop at the moment (sorry Chae Yeon, I still love you!). BoA FIGHTING!