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Stefanie Sun – Ni Guang (Against the Light) Live

26 Jan

I don’t listen to that much C-pop. Which is a shame, because I think Mandarin is a beautiful language and I think a lot of the Chinese popstars are consciously aware of the past and tradition as well as the future. Stefanie Sun is one of my favourite Chinese singers (although it should be noted she’s Singaporean). I should listen to her more. I only really know two songs, Mulan Qing and Ni Guang. Ni Guang is the song that got me to love Stefanie. I think it’s beautiful. Check out her performance of it live fora TV special (I think…?). Stefanie is a true artist, she brings something different to the music scene. I think she is so genuine with her performances. I love her for that. I also recently discovered her blog, which is written in English. It’s a really interesting read, she’s so candid about herself. She’s also amazingly intelligent.

T-ara – Like The First Time @ Inkigayo

25 Jan

Yay, promotions for Like The First Time! Awesomeness ^_^ This is one of my favourite songs from the album, in fact it might be my favourite song. Actually I think TTL/TTL Listen 2 is still my favourite. But this awesome anyway. I really liked the performance too. It’s less hyperactive energy than Bo Peep, but it shows the girls are very good at changing style and concept, something that they should be applauded for. I think they look really nice too. Although, their style reminds me of Wonder Girls’ Nobody concept. 20s~50s retro chic.

SNSD – Oh! MV Teaser / Full Song

25 Jan

Sorry for not posting much this last week, I’ve been very busy ^_^ Thank you for your continued appreciation and hits though ^_^

To mark my return from a short hiatus, let’s kick things off with SNSD! Oh em gee O_o! They’re back with a new song~ and album, but that hasn’t been released yet. It’s really catchy! It’s going to be number 1 mutizen for ages! Weeks! The girls can do no wrong it seems. Or can they?! There’s definitely more than a passing resembalence to Rihanna’s Shut Up and Drive. It’s like the same chorus! *sigh* K-pop producers do it again huh? Check out the full audio and a MV teaser below~

CN Blue – I’m a Loner @ Inkigayo

17 Jan

Of all the recent debuts by bands, CN Blue just might be my favourite. They offer something different and interesting to the K-pop world. There’s not a dance routine in sight! I love their style and sound that they’re going for. It’s nothing new musically, but it’s a nice change from the K-pop world at the moment (not that I’m complaining, I love me some K-pop).

SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara – Wonder Woman @ Inkigayo

17 Jan

The special collaboration group, featuring the vocal talents of SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara have just performed Wonder Woman on Inkigayo. The live performance is quite amazing to watch because the girls sing so well. A lot of the time I watch the live stages for the performance (costumes, cheography, charisma etc.) but not necessarily the singing. But every member of this special group can sing amazingly well.

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep @ Inkigayo

17 Jan

T-ara have achieved something that not many newly debuted groups manage to do. They’ve just achieved their third consecutive Inkigayo award! How awesome is that? Hwaiting! I’m so proud of the girls. Check out their performance below and their victory and encore. They’re always so gracious.

2PM – Heartbeat & Tired of Waiting @ Music Bank Goodbye Stage

15 Jan

Awww, the 2PM guys are wrapping up promotions of 1:59PM and held a special goodbye stage of Heartbeat and Tired of Waiting. 1:59PM was definitely one of my favourite albums from 2009 so it’s a bit sad to see the guys finally stop promoting Heartbeat. But I guess they finally need a break. Definitely going to miss their Heartbeat stages though – they were awesome!

HyunA – Change @ Music Bank

15 Jan

HyunA continues promotions of her first solo singl, Change, on Music Bank. I wonder if she regrets leaving Wonder Girls (not that she had a choice). She’d be making such different music now; instead of edgy pop music, she’d be making 60s inspired tweenish pop music. Quite a big difference don’t you think? I guess maybe she’s happier performing the edgier stuff. I think she looks really like Jolin Tsai here though.

CN Blue – I’m A Loner @ Music Bank

15 Jan

A new boy band have just debuted on Music Bank, called CN Blue (I don’t know why?). I think they’re a great fresh air for the K-pop scene! Moving away from the slick production values of the past few years (where everyone raps, sings and dances to perfection), these guys are a little less polished but they sing live and play instruments instead of dancing. I know, it doesn’t sound like such a big deal but goodluck to them! They seem to be setting the scene on fire, a bit like Younha did when she was starting out. I really enjoyed the performance, the song is well catchy! although it sounds very familiar… a bit like 2009’s Eurovision Song Contest Winner (check out the video below).

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep @ Music Bank

15 Jan

Despite stating that they would be commencing promotion of Like The First Time tonight, T-ara earlier performed Bo Peep again on Music Bank. Not that I think anyone is complaining; I think all the fans that voted for Like The First Time have been won over by the catchy refrain, myself included. Plus, I guess Core Contents didn’t want to stop promotions right in the middle of Bo Peep winning the girls their first set of awards. Sadly however, tonight marked any end to the success as they came in second. Still, with a the collaboration with SeeYa & Davichi and promotions of Like The First Time, I beat they’ll be winning even more awards soon!