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CN Blue – I’m a Loner @ Inkigayo

17 Jan

Of all the recent debuts by bands, CN Blue just might be my favourite. They offer something different and interesting to the K-pop world. There’s not a dance routine in sight! I love their style and sound that they’re going for. It’s nothing new musically, but it’s a nice change from the K-pop world at the moment (not that I’m complaining, I love me some K-pop).

CN Blue – I’m A Loner @ Music Bank

15 Jan

A new boy band have just debuted on Music Bank, called CN Blue (I don’t know why?). I think they’re a great fresh air for the K-pop scene! Moving away from the slick production values of the past few years (where everyone raps, sings and dances to perfection), these guys are a little less polished but they sing live and play instruments instead of dancing. I know, it doesn’t sound like such a big deal but goodluck to them! They seem to be setting the scene on fire, a bit like Younha did when she was starting out. I really enjoyed the performance, the song is well catchy! although it sounds very familiar… a bit like 2009’s Eurovision Song Contest Winner (check out the video below).