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Dido – Everything to Lose

29 May

Dido has had a pretty amazing career. Her singles have never sold millions, but her debut album is one of the highest selling debuts of all time. Growing up, Dido was the first artist whom I truly cherished – the 14-year-old me would have loved to see her in concert. Plus, she’s from Islington which is where I live! I’ve walked past her favourite pub so many times and my friends have seen her out and about. Her last album was met with a tepid commercial response. A lot of critics appreciated the collection though. Safe Trip Home is laced with melancholy and many of the songs directly refer to the sad passing of her father. Unfortunately, mournful introspection rarely converts into commercial success in today’s popsphere.

Dido, however, is striking back. Long before the current wave of electro-pop influnced music Dido embraced the dance world. Her brother, Rollo, is a member of electro, techno, dance group Faithless and his influence on her music can be seen throughout her career. Her latest offering, Everything to Lose is a full on, electronic pop song. It’s lyrics seem some what whimsical as we find her remembering times when her actions had no consequences but now that she’s found love, she has everything to lose. There is one lyric in the song that I find quite haunting: “I loved to live life but I was not afraid to die“. This is accompanied by haunting, soaring vocals that we have come to expect from Britain’s classiest post-modern chanteuse. Overall, the song strikes a fine balance between being a love song, a dirge and just a catchy pop song.

I love it!

4Minute – HuH live on Inkigayo

23 May

4Minute are not my favourite girl group… in fact they might not even make my top 5. (Top 5 is something like 1 – T-ara, 2 – SNSD, 2 – Wonder Girls, 3 – 2NE1, 4 – Kara). I did however really like Muzik, but they don’t seem to have had a song I liked as much since then. I don’t think song goes anywhere – if you follow? Although I think most K-pop songs don’t have a huge finale to them, it’s just a simple chorus chorus repeat. I’m getting off track. I do like some of the arrangement of this song though – so check it out!

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears Live on Inkigayo

23 May

Out of all the music shows K-pop fans can watch, Inkigayo has always been my favourite. Perhaps because it’s the last one of the week (it’s shown on Sundays) or perhaps because I always think the stages are more dramatic which in turn means the performers give it an extra 10%. Wonder Girls’ performance of 2 Different Tears on Inkigayo did nothing to change my mind on which of the music shows is the best.

The audience was amazing and whilst their performance wasn’t as polished as much as other acts (SNSD and 2PM spring to mind in giving absolutely flawless live performances), the Girls really bring something different to the stage. They all have unique personalities and they perform as entertainers – not just singers or dancers. I think the Wonder Girls are something unique in the K-pop industry, a band that aren’t afraid to be themselves and collaborate with their management on their career. May the Wonder Girls forever be together~! hwaiting! Although I’m sad they won’t be performing this in Korea for much longer :(

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears English, Chinese and Korean MV

20 May

The Wonder Girls are back! And they’re back with a hip, cool, funky new song! I’m so impressed by it! It’s so catchy and it’s already in my top 25 played playlist on my ipod so you know I’ve been listening to it non-stop ^_^ I’m really surprised by Lim’s vocals though – they’re quite good and she’s not nearly as annoying as people make her out to be. I feel a bit sorry for her, she needs to be given a break :) She’s always really nice on twitter. Anyways! Check out the MV, do you like it? The concept is a bit weird… I think sometimes JYP has ideas and he just runs with them but they don’t always work… you know? Anyways, what I really like about the Wonder Girls is that they all have strong, distinct personalities and they’re never afraid to do something different. They work so hard! Their Chinese skills are also pretty nice ^_~

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears MV Teaser

14 May

Ah! so I’m actually beyond excited about this. It seems like forever (how long has it been? almost a year?) since Wonder Girls had any new material out. They’ve debuted in America, toured with the Jonas Brothers but whilst the English version of Nobody was great, it is rather old. But tomorrow that’s all set to change when the girls release their new single, 2 Different Tears. They’ve been really mean and slowly leaked new information – new pictures and small clips of audio. But finally they’ve released an MV teaser. You can’t really hear the song but the MV looks really funny! Check it out below! Check back here tomorrow for the song!!! XD

4Minute – Muzik Japanese Version Teaser

1 May

Wow! I completely missed 4Minute getting signed by Universal Music Japan, but they did and they’re releasing their hit song, Muzik, for the Japanese crowd. They’re not the first Korean artist to release music in Japan (BoA, DBSK anyone?) but it definitely shows that the Korean Wave is not letting up anyway time soon.

Step forward, 4Minute who are releasing a Japanese version of their hit song Muzik. Before becoming obsessed with K-pop I was into J-pop in a big way. I still am, but only really for certain artists. This song should be a big hit in Japan – I always thought it had a big J-pop electro influence anyway. It will be interesting to watch though, Japan doesn’t follow idol groups as fanatically as Korea does, but with BoA’s slow decline in popularity, the space is wide open for a Korean artist to take over the Oricon charts.

SNSD – Oh & Run Devil Run Goodbye Stage Live on Music Bank

1 May

Sadly for the SNSD girls, they didn’t get to perform their latest song that much. However, the girls were back on Music Bank with a special goodbye stage performance! The girls performed Oh and Run Devil Run. I really love Run Devil Run! I think it’s a great pop song and definitely should have made the cut of the latest album. The choreography is always pretty awesome – especially when they do the slow down bit when performing live stages (which is sadly missing form this performance). It’s clear to see why the girls are heralded and super idols, their performances are always amazing. Polished live vocals and not a dance step out of line, I can’t think of any other group who deliver such great live stages. Kudos to them!

After School – Bang Live on Music Bank

1 May

The Korean music shows are slowly returning to screens this weekend after a long period of mourning for the naval tragedy that occurred not so long ago. My sympathies reach out to everyone sadly affected by such a sad and avoidable loss of life.

Amidst another claim of plagerism, After School continue to promote their new hit, Bang. It’s a shame though, the K-pop music industry seems to have another plagerism case every week. But I guess with a turn around of songs and artists that happen monthly, weekly and even daily, the K-pop insiders are struggling to think of ideas. Alas, there’s no excuse for stealing someone else’s stuff.

The song is pretty catchy though! Check out the girls performing Bang on Music Bank: