Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears Live on Inkigayo

23 May

Out of all the music shows K-pop fans can watch, Inkigayo has always been my favourite. Perhaps because it’s the last one of the week (it’s shown on Sundays) or perhaps because I always think the stages are more dramatic which in turn means the performers give it an extra 10%. Wonder Girls’ performance of 2 Different Tears on Inkigayo did nothing to change my mind on which of the music shows is the best.

The audience was amazing and whilst their performance wasn’t as polished as much as other acts (SNSD and 2PM spring to mind in giving absolutely flawless live performances), the Girls really bring something different to the stage. They all have unique personalities and they perform as entertainers – not just singers or dancers. I think the Wonder Girls are something unique in the K-pop industry, a band that aren’t afraid to be themselves and collaborate with their management on their career. May the Wonder Girls forever be together~! hwaiting! Although I’m sad they won’t be performing this in Korea for much longer :(

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