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Utada – In The Flesh Live Preview

1 Feb

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ SWOON~ I have tickets to see Utada! I have tickets to see Utada!!! I don’t care if you hate me, nothing can bring me down from that! I can’t wait! She’s performing in my area of London too! Who knew? I’m gonna try and stalk her… I might just hang around afterwards hoping to meet her. I’d literally scream if I met her. When the tickets came in the post, I actually had a dream about her that night XD I was befriending her and showing her around the area. Taking her to artshops and stuff. I don’t think she’d appreciate my level of fanatacism, she seems too cool for that. As a wee celebration of her being awesome, here’s a video of her performing in America ^_^

Utada Hikaru Pwns Tetris

27 Aug

This is another reason why I love Utada Hikaru <3

Utada – Come Back To Me

1 Mar

Utada - Come Back To Me

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Utada Hikaru more than life itself. I have a poster of her on my bedroom wall, she is the true reason why I want to learn Nihongo. I love everything about her! She can do no wrong! She’s back in the Anglophone world this year with a new release with Island Def Jam. Her first single, Come Back To Me, is very Mariah-esque. It’s produced by Stargate, who’ve made a million uber hot tunes. This is very commercial for Utada, but I wish her all the luck with it!

The video just got released a couple of days ago. It’s exquisite, Utada is looking gorgeous. I prefer her with longer hair, but she looks elogent and beautiful and like the Hollywood starlets of the past.

Click the link to watch!

Utada – Come Back To Me MV

平 和 愛