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T-ara – Roly Poly Full Length MV

29 Jun

T-ara have released a very interesting MV for their comeback mini-album. It’s over 10 minutes long and even has a cameo from Boram-unnie’s father! I love the whole concept! At first I was a little skeptical because it… sounds so strange. But now hearing the song, seeing the dance routine and seeing the full-length MV – it makes me happy!

T-ara hwaiting!

T-ara – Roly Poly Short MV

29 Jun

T-ara have just released the short version of their MV to their hot new song Roly Poly. I’m addicted already! I definitely think that this will be a hit! Netizens are already saying that it will be a big hit – Triple Crown anyone?

I love the girls’ cute retro theme and the dance routine is so cool! Really gotta learn this one ^_^

T-ara – Roly Poly MV Teaser

27 Jun

Any long term readers of this blog (and people that know me) will know that I love T-ara. I know I know, most people don’t like them as much as many other idol groups (2NE1, Kara, SNSD), but there’s a soft spot in my heart for them. I think they just make the kind of music that gets inside my brain.

The girls are back with a new song – Roly Poly! Check out the MV teaser below – doesn’t it look awesome?! I’m very impressed with the concept. I wasn’t quite sure how it’d look but when I first started to see the promo photos I knew I would be hooked! Likewise, I’m still not sure on the album title… but Roly Poly definitely sounds catchy! Very much like Bo Peep Bo Peep. This wasn’t my favourite song when they started doing their promotions (it still isn’t) but I like pretty much every single T-ara song without fail. Normally I listen to one song on repeat over and over again. I still do that when listening to their songs but each song has some plays!

Anyways! Check out the the MV teaser below! I can’t remember when their comeback stage is but it is some time this week! I’m totally excited! Jiyeon looks fierce in the MV! Qri looks cute (Qri is underused!) but still Soyeon unnie is my favourite! Soyeon hwaiting!

2NE1 – I AM THE BEST – Live on Inkigayo @ 26 June 2011

27 Jun

2NE1 recently made their comeback with I AM THE BEST! A catchy new beat driven song that is completely different from Lonely. I loved Lonely, I thought it was a very different kind of song to the K-Pop norm. However, they’re back with a zesty new hit! What do you think? Do you think they will get chart crowns with I AM THE BEST? I think if they promote it for long enough they will – I know someone people were disappointed that they did not perform Lonely on many music stages so hopefully 2NE1 fans will have some more performances to look forward to!