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T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep & Like The First Time

9 Feb

So, the T-ara girls recently performed their two hit singles, Bo Peep and Like The First Time live at some sports game (I think it’s basketball). The girls rocked! I’m glad to see Soyeon is better, although I’m sad that all these K-pop stars barely get any time to rest before they’re back out there working away. Just look at poor Younha who collapsed :/

Anyways, I love the T-ara girls, hwaiting! So happy they’re back. I can’t wait for the new song and repackaged album ^_^

2NE1 – Don’t Try To Copy Me

9 Feb

In a surprise for everyone, 2NE1 are back with a new song, Don’t Try To Copy Me. I don’t know, I go away for a few days and people are back with hit new songs! I gotta check up on my stuffs more often ^_^ Check out their new song~

Wonder Girls – Tell Me Chinese Version

9 Feb

I may have already posted this… but I’m posting it again! It’s the Wonder Girls! Singing Chinese! Jia you! I quite like it, and it also shows how uber awesome the girls are, talented linguists ^_^

SNSD – Oh! @ Inkigayo

9 Feb

Apologies for my absent postings as of late, with my new job, I’m always so busy ^_^ but I do miss blogging and the k-pop scene. Gotta keep up with it!

I’ve been listening to a bit of SNSD’s new album, and I quite like the single, Oh! Still can’t get over how similar it sounds to Rihanna though, but that’s old news. Check out their performance of Oh! on Inkigayo recently!

Utada – In The Flesh Live Preview

1 Feb

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ SWOON~ I have tickets to see Utada! I have tickets to see Utada!!! I don’t care if you hate me, nothing can bring me down from that! I can’t wait! She’s performing in my area of London too! Who knew? I’m gonna try and stalk her… I might just hang around afterwards hoping to meet her. I’d literally scream if I met her. When the tickets came in the post, I actually had a dream about her that night XD I was befriending her and showing her around the area. Taking her to artshops and stuff. I don’t think she’d appreciate my level of fanatacism, she seems too cool for that. As a wee celebration of her being awesome, here’s a video of her performing in America ^_^


1 Feb

The girls released the full MV for their new single, Oh! I quite like it. It’s not my favourite SNSD song by far (Gee still remains one of my favourite songs), but I quite like it. I’ve not listened too much to the whole new album but it seems pretty cool so far. It’s less… SM Entertainment sounding though. They’ve definitely changed their music style – that’s a good thing cause it means they’ve grown as artists, but at the same time, I miss the gee gee gee playfulness.

Wonder Girls – Nobody Chinese Version

1 Feb

XD Ah! Wonder Girls are debuting in China! I think Chinese people will love the girls. To debut, they’re releasing a special Chinese version album with a Chinese version of Nobody! I’m not sure if there is going to be other Chinese songs but Nobody is awesome! It reminds me a bit of Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend. They’re going to be making all kinds of versions next! Check out the preview below; granted the guy speaking over it means you can’t hear it that well, but it’s pretty awesome to hear the girls sing in Chinese~