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2NE1 – Ugly + Hate You Live on Inkigayo 31st July 2011

31 Jul

One of the hottest girl bands in K-Pop at the moment, 2NE1, made a comeback on Inkigayo today! Performing two of their new songs, Ugly and Hate You they set the stage alight! It’s nice to see the girls on a stage again (after YG Entertainment focusing on global online peformances). Gives me something to blog about!

I really like these songs, for me they are a natural prgoression of the strong 2NE1 sound that the girls have really made their own! Check out the performances below:

Ugly is really a beautiful song too and I love the slight nod to Beyonce’s Run The World =] 2NE1 hwaiting!

Park Bom – You & I Live @ Mnet Asian Music Awards

21 Nov

Park Bom’s You & I is definitely my favourite solo single to come out of chez 2NE1. It’s a really great song that highlight’s Bunny Bom’s pretty awesome vocals and her sincerity. The lyrics are so sweet and the MV was also really sweet (tear ;_;); you’d get toothache from it! It’s surprising though, cause Park Bom also seems to be the most shy on stage, despite being the lead vocalist. So I’m proud of her to rock it like she does.

Park Bom – You & I @ Inkigayo

16 Nov

Park Bom continues her promotion of her solo debut single, You & I, with a lovely performance on Inkigayo. She seems to have relaxed a lot more now and looks less terrified. Poor Park Bunny, am proud of her though ^_^

Park Bom – You & I @ Inkigayo

9 Nov

Park Bom gave a really nice performance of her first solo single, You & I on Inkigayo. I quite like it, I dunno why but she seems a little uncomfortable. Obviously it’s a big live stage and she’s only by herself but mmm. Also, I think some bits she mimes? Or at least she doesn’t sing live for the whole entire song. But still, I like this song. It sounds like a really nice Winter song.

Park Bom – You & Me PV 2

3 Nov

As if one PV wasn’t enough, Park Bom has released a second version for us fans to lap up. This song is growing on me big time and I think the PV is sooo adorable! It’s really nice to see such a cute side to one of the 2NE1 girls, as I think they have this spunky concept. Check it out :) Must say, Bom looks a little more bunny like in this video. Can’t wait for her performance on Inkigayo ^_^

Park Bom – You & I PV

2 Nov

Following on from Sandara’s Kiss, Park Bom is the next 2NE1 girl to release a solo song. You & I sounds like I don’t care part 2. If that makes sense? It sounds very familiar, and pretty much recognisible as a song 2NE1 would release, but kudos to Park Bom has she holds her own. The PV is really adorable! Although I guess that’s helped by her bunny face ^_^