4Minute – Muzik Japanese Version Teaser

1 May

Wow! I completely missed 4Minute getting signed by Universal Music Japan, but they did and they’re releasing their hit song, Muzik, for the Japanese crowd. They’re not the first Korean artist to release music in Japan (BoA, DBSK anyone?) but it definitely shows that the Korean Wave is not letting up anyway time soon.

Step forward, 4Minute who are releasing a Japanese version of their hit song Muzik. Before becoming obsessed with K-pop I was into J-pop in a big way. I still am, but only really for certain artists. This song should be a big hit in Japan – I always thought it had a big J-pop electro influence anyway. It will be interesting to watch though, Japan doesn’t follow idol groups as fanatically as Korea does, but with BoA’s slow decline in popularity, the space is wide open for a Korean artist to take over the Oricon charts.

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