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G-Dragon – Crooked MV Gallery

22 Sep

G-Dragon recently returned with his hit new single, Crooked. The MV was shot in London – that’s where I live! In all seriousness, I recognise some of the places he filmed in the MV! That’s pretty epic. But, without further ado – check out latest gallery featuring stills from the music video.

I love the song and I really dig the cinematography. It’s nice to see something different in the K-pop scene. G-Dragon’s style is flawless and you can’t beat a bit of Vivienne Westwood.


Taeyang – Wedding Dress PV

25 Nov

My best friend’s sister is a k-pop nut like me. We often talk about it; she loves her some 2NE1 and stuffs. Although we don’t exactly like the same music, it’s nice to talk to someone about it. One song that she really loves is Taeyang’s Wedding Dress so I had to check it out too! It’s pretty cool, I normally like my songs a little faster but Taeyang kind of reminds me of Neyo, you know? I think the current trend in K-pop is for the songs to have a little edge to them, a little r and b or hiphop elements. Does that make sense to anyone? Check this song out though, it definitely grows on you. By the third listen or so, you’ll be hooked! Wedding dress~