T-ara – Like The First Time MV

30 Nov

XD The MV for Like The First Time is out! I <3 T-ara! This is definitely one of my favourite MVs of the year. The concept is really cute; everyone is helping Hyomin get ready for her date~ awww! Bless em ^_^ But! it's not all cutesy, the girls give a pretty naughty dance routine! It reminds me of Ivy's Touch Me dance or Chae Yeon's Shake dance O_o Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, because Chae Yeon and Ivy were both met with bans for their MVs… I hope there is no back lash against T-ara, as they are working so hard to become a success and I really wish they will be! Anyways, the MV is pretty cool and I'm going off to learn the dance routine now ^^ But, omg! Look at Boram! She looks pretty and she can sing! She's not just a little waste of space that most people thought she was! At least I did; I never quite knew why Boram was there…

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