T-ara – New Album – Absolute First Album Cover & Tracklist

27 Nov

1 One & One
2 처음처럼 / Like The First Time
3 Bo Peep Bo Peep
4 Tic Tic Toc
5 Bye Bye
6 Apple Is A
7 Falling U
8 너너너 / Say Good Bye
9 Lies (Dance Ver.)
10 T.T.L (Time To Love)
11 Lies (Slow Ver.)
12 TTL Listen 2
13 좋은 사람 / Good Person
14 놀아볼래? / Wanna Play?

Ahhh! T-ara’s debut album is finally out! So excited XD I <3 T-ara. In fact, I'll put it out there and say that T-ara are my number 1 girl band. That sounds really lame though ;_; But it's true! I like them more Girls Aloud or SNSD or whoever. I <3 them so much! They've had to endure a lot of pain and trouble that a lot of other bands simply haven't had to do. And they keep fighting, hwaiting! All the time. I feel bad for them sometimes because they work so hard, but I have so much respect for them doing it all.

2 Responses to “T-ara – New Album – Absolute First Album Cover & Tracklist”

  1. kandie 07/02/2010 at 3:27 am #

    ahh finally found the tracklist! thank you~

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