Chae Yeon – Look Look Look live on M! Countdown Comeback Stage!

22 Jul

Chae Yeon has a soft spot in my heart, she’s one of my favourite Korean singers. Her and BoA are my two favourite solo performers in K-pop (although I much prefer BoA’s J-pop work to her K-pop stuff, although I am excited about her new release in August). Chae Yeon unni is back with a fierce new song! It’s more… mainstream than Shake. Shake was cool, I love it. I love the dance but the melody might not have fitted that well with current K-pop trends. But Look Look Look is more mainstream and radio/television show friendly. She’s not released the MV yet but if the teaser is anything to go by, she’s going to get it banned again! I always find it quite strange how solo veterans act very very sexy (Hyori, Rain, IVY, Chae Yeon etc.) but the idol groups have a more subtle sexiness.

One thing that I love about Chae Yeon is that she’s not a very good dancer. She’s ever so stiff! But she still rocks it out! Check out her performance. I really like the song too, very catchy! Sadly the dance is less catchy, I think I’ll stick to the Shake dance~ ;)

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