Chae Yeon – Shake

11 Aug

Now, I love Chae Yeon for being a sassy confident performer. Lord knows she isn’t the best singer or dancer but she has a lot of personality and seems friendly, but also a bitch. I bet she’d claw Hyori’s eyes out to be considered the sexiest Kpop star. That’s beside the point though; Chae Yeon recently came back with a mini-album (everyone in Korea is releasing mini-albums, why?) with her first song called Shake. Shake is pretty catchy but less dancey than her older songs. I wasn’t really blown away by her new stuff, it all sounds very similar and not that catchy. But! The best thing about her most recent work is her live performance dance routine. Oh my god, I will never get over it. It’s major epiq lols – especially if you use it as a victory dance. Check it out below~

平 和 愛

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