Jade Ewen – My Man

3 Aug

Jade Ewen was the UK’s 2009 entry for Eurovision. She won a television talent contest to represent the UK with a song composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricised by Diane Warren. The song (which was a bit shit to be honest) managed to finished 5th at the contest which was a great achievement considering our last place results for a while now. Anyway, she’s back with a pretty amazing song! It’s completely different from It’s My Time (the Eurovision song). Tis a thumping dance song which no doubt the gays will love. I do have some reservations though, it’s not the most original sounding song… it sounds very similar to The Saturdays’ Work. However, there’s no denying Jade’s vocal prowess and she rips up the song’s hook with an attitude rarely found in UK popstars. Listen below to a radio rip of the song ^_^

平 和 愛

Click after the jump to hear The Saturdays’ Work song; do you think it sounds similar?

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