Florence and the Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

3 Aug

Recently I have been listening to English a bit more. It’s not a conscious thing per se, just when new music comes out and I like it then I tend to listen to it… a lot. I can quite happily listen to one song on repeat for a few hours or so. Is that strange? I don’t think it is. I think people fall into different kinds of music listeners. I play songs on repeat, others put them on random and some listen to their music in order; the latter two I just find so weird… I could never do that. I get albums, listen to all the songs (or sometimes not) and then just play the songs that I like. For example, my playcount for my Candie Payne album reads as follows:

I Wish I Could Have Loved You More – 8
Why Should I Settle for You – 1
Take Me – 1
In the Morning – 23
All I Need to Hear – 14
A Different You – 2
By Tomorrow – 2
One More Chance – 1
Hey Goodbye – 1
Seasons Change – 1
Turn Back Now – 1
One More Chance (Single Version) – 218

That’s a bit extreme, but yeah, I listen to songs a lot. Anyways! I’ve digressed…

Yes, Florence and the Machine. She’s been given a lot of praise and attention (including a Brit Award), however… I’m not sure if it’s entirely warranted. Yes, she’s an interesting and captivating artist and yes, she has an interesting voice but she is not the most original artist I’ve heard. Indeed, I think she fits rather nicely amongst her British, female contempories – not necessarily at the top of them. Below is the video for Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). It’s a great song really; its storming beat and haunting vocals make the song powerful whilst the melody is enough to get it lodged in your head.

Check out her cover of Beyonce’s Halo for Radio 1’s Live Lounge after the jump. She transforms the song from a power love ballad to an aching lament – very beautiful.

平 和 愛

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